GWJ Server Move, Act 2

As mentioned on Monday, we're going to be moving to a new host! The transfer will happen on Sunday, provided Pyro isn't dead, and hopefully the DNS will have resolved for most of you by Monday. Have a great weekend and hopefully it won't be long before we're back on a regular schedule.

RollerCoaster Tycoon 3: Soaked!

We're all on the same roller coaster, just in different seats. - Jason Mechalek
Last week I spoke at some length on the basis from which game retailers work, which is to separate you from your money in the most profitable fashion possible. Fundamentally, this revelation should not have been particularly surprising in any substantive way beyond the operational specifics as to how these companies achieve that goal.
I have been a consistent reader of the U.S. edition of PC Gamer magazine for nearly ten years. Within that span, I have seen an interesting and valuable magazine degenerate into a mere fragment of its former self.
This is another very personal article. Like The Monkey Chased The Weasel. It is the article that I alluded to last week, which has literally shut down my article writing efforts for many weeks. I have started to encapsulate this thought more than a dozen times in more than a dozen different ways and failed until today.

The Game Design of FlatOut

Being a fan of stunt'n crash-laden titles like the oldie 4D Sports Driving/Stunts, its spiritual successor (the Trackmania series) or Destruction Derby, FlatOut always appeared to be one of the titles one should keep an eye on.

July 11th - 17th (Site News)

We've got some site news to discuss today so we'll get the rest out of the way quickly. The Game of the Week is Pirates! for the Xbox since everyone loves pirates (the scurvy kind) and Sid Meier is dreamy.
Gaming journalism is finally starting to hit its stride, if you believe the gaming journalists themselves. The current preferred terminology is new games journalism, which to me implies that our current gaming journalism (with its awards and trade groups and mainstream media recognition) is of an order of magnitude better than old games journalism, whatever that is.

The Retail Game, Part 1: Profit

As recently promised, I have a backlog of opinions to eject regarding the current state of specialty gaming retail. Having been a twice-successful manager for two major gaming retail outlets, most recently EB, I speak from a position of some authority on the matter.

Destroy All Humans!

Initial sightings of Destroy All Humans suggested that it might indeed be that most elusive of gaming phenomena: a genuinely entertaining, highly polished title based on a brand-spanking-new intellectual property. In fact, after some hands-on time with the title at this year's E3, I was relatively convinced that the prophesies of its greatness would be fulfilled.