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In my preparations for this week's column, I readied myself to give grilling tips for the final hurrah of summer, the Labor Day barbeque. For who amongst us hasn't had our share of charcoal briquettes disguised as burgers, and swatted the flies away from the molting potato salad? But then, my gweejer brethren, I found God. Yes, yes I did.

The Zelda Diary Part 4: Zelda's Awakening

My recent trip to see the folks in Texas inspired me to do some handheld gaming. Four hours on a plane is a tall order, and sometimes, Tetris Worlds is all that will get you through. Except when your plane is diverted to Tulsa, due to inclement weather, and you end up sitting on an Oklahoma runway for three hours without food, water or booze. Then it's time for the big guns.

Welcome to Gamers With Jobs Radio!

Episode One - Gaming News, Xbox 360 Pricing and More!

August 29th to Sept 4th

With this week's march into September we're officially out of summer and into the home stretch of the Xbox 360 release. We have months of speculations, hype, false information, pre-order scandals and more to look forward to and I hope here at GWJ we can maintain some small island of sanity in a sea of hyperbole.

Day of Wrath and Doom Impending

My Notepad window is presently only half-maximized. Behind this familiar and stolid contrast of black-on-white, there swirls a turmoil of vivid yellows, reds, and purples: an animated satellite view of hurricane Katrina, as it bears down on my ancestral southeast Louisiana and the city of New Orleans itself.

Advent Rising (PC)

"Oft expectation fails, and most oft there where most it promises." - William Shakespeare, All's Well that Ends Well

Watching Mars

For truly, now, Joss Whedon is my master. He is the wind in my ears, the quiet voice in my mind, the crunchy cookie center in my Twix, and even the bam in my bam-a-lama-ding-dong. I pretend that I am a creature with free-will, but I am a puppet – totally like that episode of Angel where he turns into a puppet, but still kicks ass!

August 22nd to 29th

Welcome to the slightly delayed Week Ahead, I hope your Monday morning is humming along nicely. There have been some cool site developments over the past week that are probably worth mentioning.