GWJ Has Moved!

As I'm sure some of you may have noticed (if your ISP hasn't caught up with the change yet) GWJ has switched to a new host. has been kind enough to offer us some server space so we can continue to grow the site and re-enable GameCal.

Adventures in Advertising

Some people say we're living in a society that's a slave to consumerism. Every waking minute, we're either buying or consuming. We've always got some billboard, radio or assorted glowing box telling us what we need, when we need it and where we can get it. What if you don't need it?


A year and one day ago SwampYankee registered in the forums and GWJ is still in the process of recovering. Whether you've taken a trip (to the ground, nose first) in Swamp Air or lived under his vicious rule as commissioner of the GWJ football league you have to admit that Swampy is a pillar of the community.

The Second Renaissance

Every day that goes by where I donÂ't fly to work in an autopilot hoverbubble pisses me off.  IÂ've long since expected robots to pretty much tackle the mundane tasks of the day, including but not limited to cooking my dinner, washing my clothes, pre-warming the toilet seat, and tucking me in with a nice glass of juice at night.  The fact that I even have to type these words inst

Sept 27th - Oct 3rd

Before I get started on what we have coming out this week IÂ'd to thank Sway again for all his awesome contributions to the site. IÂ'm hoping heÂ'll still pop up with something new once in a while even though the Infinite Lives comics are done, we can only hope! Now, please collect some oranges, drop them in a burlap sack and prepare to beat me to death.

Time for a Bio Break

I think what allowed me to stop playing the original Sims was the realization that I was spending a lot of effort keeping my Sims diligent about their chores, all while my entropy was turning my own domicile into primordial soup. Perhaps it was more of a chili. It matters little.


For some strange reason, Reaper took a brief holiday trip to my neck of the woods this past August. Was it to see the exciting Royal Canadian Mint? Perhaps he just wanted a lock of my hair, who knows? What I can tell you is that Reaper is a really nice guy and not nearly as shifty or gun crazy as I expected. Ok, he was a little shifty. Read on to learn all about Reaper.

Adult As A Good Thing

Irony may be one of the most misunderstood concepts in the English language.  Default bashing of Alanis aside, not only do I see irony incorrectly used on a near daily basis, I even participate in the activity.  In much the same way that being sardonic is too often confused with being sarcastic – though the three terms stand inexorably linked in a bizarre twisting daisy chain of misdirecte

Sept 20th - 26th (HUGE!)

Find your gamer buddy, do not enter your local game shop this week without someone to keep you honest, give them a bat if you have to. The release list is staggering this week, itÂ's so big it took me two quarters of football to type it all out. ThereÂ's something for everyone here but thereÂ's only one game for me. Rome: Total War ships on the 23rd for $49.99 on the PC.

I'm Like, Drivin'.

I don't have much to say about that game where you race and smash things up that hasn't already been said. It's great fun to finally be able to take those turns wide, crushing another racer into a concrete abutment, and not having to apologize.