Joint Operations Escalation (Review by Reaper)

Â"I wanted a mission. And for my sins, they gave me one.Â" -Apocalypse Now I will preface this review with one simple statement; I like Joint Operations in the same way a fat kid likes cake. That is, I like Joint Operations a lot. Keep that in mind. LetÂ's get the obvious out of the way first; Escalation is nothing more or less than an expansion pack to Joint Operations.

Nov 22nd to 28th

You might think with all the great games coming out this month that choosing a Game of the Week would be tough. Lucky for me, itÂ's made easy thanks to the crushing amount of conformity found in our forums. World of Warcraft may not cure cancer but appears to be bringing families together in a way Hands Across America and The Cosby Show never could.

Halo 2 Spoiler Review

I hate to term this article a review, and tend to think of it more as a discussion.  ThereÂ're no shortage of thoughts available on the quality of Halo 2, and though they range across the spectrum I think we can all, by and large, agree that the bulk of the response has been positive.  There are those that will claim it is praise born of hype, others who will stand solidly convin

Delirious View of Half-Life 2

I'm going to make this quick because it feels like my head is stuffed with pillows. After a prompt 2:00 AM unlocking of Half-Life 2 I've managed to put in just over an hour of play before my mind started to have difficulty processing the concept of physics based puzzles that are actually fun.

November 15th to 22nd

Do I have to say it? Alright. Half-Life 2 hits shelves everywhere on Tuesday and it is our Game of the Week. The Steam release should happen Tuesday morning as well, certainly around noon unless there are some technical issues. God help Valve if there are technical issues *shakes fist*.
When I start a new article I am met at the very beginning with a Frostian fork diverged in a yellow journalism wood.
Technically, the title of this article is a lie. As Blizzard has stated many times, the true endgame of World of Warcraft will not be implemented until after launch, so as not to Â"spoilÂ" things by letting the rabid powergamers at it and having all the secrets of raid dungeons and battleground pvp encounters spread like a spoilerific cornucopia across the internet.

Robots Dont Bleed, But They Can Cry

My experience playing Halo 2 online over Xbox Live has been a mixed bag so far. As much as I enjoy the feel of Halo and the array of game modes available to play I can't get over the fact that everyone who isn't on my team is a silent robot, a cold merciless killer.

Nov 8th - 14th

Much like Mario 64 on NintendoÂ's post-SNES foray into the world of 3D, Halo stormed out of the gate and clearly defined what the Xbox was going to be all about. It moved units like no other game could for the fledgling console years past the original launch date.

Empty Your Wallets, Bold Predictions

It's times like these I wish I hadn't spent all that donation money on Canadian smack. What began as an innocent look at EB's release list ended with me whimpering on the floor, wondering where it all went wrong.