March 21st - 27th

ItÂ's a big week for tech enthusiasts (and obsessive compulsives) everywhere! SonyÂ's PSP will finally be hitting the shelves and it looks like they are making sure plenty of games will be available right away. Obviously Sony isnÂ't screwing around and it will be interesting to see how much of a dent this will put in NintendoÂ's market share.

Bits and Windmills

Do you ever feel like you're just wasting your time playing games? I rarely do myself, but I get the feeling that I'm supposed to. People aren't supposed to play video games after a certain age, at least that's the vibe I get from other people. The older you get, the less people talk about games.


Robear is a grizzled veteran of the P&C forums and he's got the sword to back it up. He also participates in "combat sports" to get his exercise, that usually means you wear a cup and get kicked in the jimmies (we miss you already, Billy) a lot. To each his own I suppose. Read on for Robear's profile! If you don't, he might come after you. The eyes, the EYES!

Spiderman's Web

I think it's fair to say that the topic of the week has been whether or not certain sequels and/or prequels to certain games and/or movies will live up to the standards and/or mythos of the originals.

March 14th to 20th

After a long weekend of drinking, sitting in the hot-tub and saving adorable kittens from the clutches of winter I think IÂ'm ready for a new week! Lots of games hitting the shelves along with the first fleet for PSP games despite the fact that the unit itself doesnÂ't ship until next week. I guess Sony wants everyone to know theyÂ're serious about that launch line-up.

Qpads and Glidz Tape For Sale!

You might remember my review of the Qpad mousepad and Glidz tape from last years E3 exhibition. This Swedish mousepad/teflon tape combination won me over with its smooth motion and durability. Even now, almost a year since I started using it I'm still using the original Glidz tape I put on my mouse and aside from a bit of fraying around the edge of the pad, it's still going strong.

For Sale

Usually I stay pretty faithful to the theme of the site when penning these little missives, but secretly I hold onto the illusion that this is my own private sounding board where a few thousand unsuspecting souls can be misled into having my thoughts jammed down their throats.


It's been well established that Demos is a hit with the ladies. A hit, that is, until they turn on him like scorpions and rake his innocent heart over the hot coals betrayal. Hey, if nothing else it's a good read for married guys like myself. Read on for the profile!

In Need of Reclassification

In his latest book, entitled I'm Just Here For More Food, Food Network icon Alton Brown argues that a system of classification should always shed light upon matters, and never obscure them.

Sim Taxman (Yeah, Yeah)

I'm doing my taxes now. I'd rather being playing a game or chewing glass, but it's tax season and I'm a responsible citizen so it's time to see what I can do for my country. Monetarily, of course. I love the term Tax Season. Makes it sound like a game, which it isn't. It really really isn't. It could be I suppose.