The Empire Strikes Back Syndrome

I am and will remain a fan of games that throw a solid story at the player.  I will continue to put myself into the digital ether and demand that designers invest as much time telling a story with their technology as they spend on the technology itself, and will beat with wordy prose those who treat narrative as a meaningless ancillary to gushing virtual blood and titillating anti-aliased curve

Resident Evil 4 Final Review

Heads require exploding Swat has survived the totally not-undead hordes and come back with a final look at how Resident Evil 4 ended up. Did it maintain the level of greatness implied in the first impressions? Read on to find out and big thanks to Swat for the write-up!

"… people will continue to be idiots."

We were playing that game where somebody asks a question and everyone has to answer it. The rules for this game are not written down anywhere, but everyone knows them. If you're the one asking questions, the objective is to ask questions that make people uncomfortable. If you're an answerer, you're obligated to answer truthfully and pretend that it's fun.

Prince of Persia: The Warrior Within

The acrobatic female foes, who moan crap like "There's such pleasure in painÂ"…" and "I like you in this position" are the worst. We often like to joke about what goes on in the publisher's boardrooms when new games and new directions in a franchise are discussed.

Jan 17th to 23rd

You know itÂ's a slow week in gaming when The Punisher gets top billing as The Game of the Week.

Happy Anniversary, Again!

LetÂ's be honest from the start, this is a self-serving article.  It is written and conceived as an elaborate ploy of propaganda to invest you, gentle reader, with a sense of emotional ownership in our humble site.  By engaging you in our perennial celebration, we are encouraging a relationship meant to foster loyalty, pride, and satisfaction where it might not otherwise have existed.Ã

Cybernookie and the Boys Who Sell it

The armies stand poised, ready for battle. Their mounts steaming with the hard ride to the battlefields, the men and women readying their weapons and soothing excited pets. Just as battle is about to be joined, there rings out the clarion call of a trumpet, like the Grinch returning to Whooville, and in ride a battalion of Amazons, trailed by their tabbies, proudly proclaiming themselves to be the

First Impressions: Resident Evil 4

You, the Master of Unlocking After a brief one hour taste of Resident Evil 4 last night I'm glad Swat is around to write some impressions while I play in small bursts during the day with the afternoon sun streaming into my living room and my cat close by to watch my back. He's been playing with his significant other though so maybe I'm not alone in the wuss club. Take it away Swat!

Gaming And The Military

It's fair to say that the sum total of knowledge I possess regarding the life of the enlisted man is born directly from Full Spectrum Warrior and those Army of One ads, which means I think military life is equal parts cursing, being told where to go by the unseen and poorly informed, and interminable waiting.  I suppose maybe that's not far from the truth, but what has never


So I'm driving to the mall to buy a game the other day, and it strikes me just how often that happens. Which is to say: never. I'm more of a shop-at-home type. It's quick, easy, requires absolutely zero conversation and best of all I can do it in my underpants, making the transition from shopping to viewing pr0n that much easier. The only drawback is shipping.