Confessions of a Shiftless Jerk

Tonight, as I lazed in front of the television summoning the will to channel surf, I happened to watch a commercial for some prepackaged frozen food stuff.

Gamer Response Theory

If two people each play a certain game, then can they meaningfully be said to have played the same game? Or, if we want to tell the whole story, are we obligated further to mention how they played it, what they felt while playing it, and the various ways in which they reacted to their similar-but-separate experiences?

Minerva: Metastasis 1

Gamers With Jobs Radio Episode Two

Episode Two - IGN Buyout, Top Ten Games of the Decade and More! Right Click Here and 'Save As' to Download!

Sept 12th to 18th

The big September flood of games continues this week with Burnout: Revenge leading the pack. The last one didn't see as much Xbox Live play in the community as I expected but with any luck the game lobby system won't be such a dog this time around.

A Few Hours With The Age Of Empires 3 Demo

Upon our return from LA and this year's E3, way back in the misty month of May, we were quickly scandalized for not toeing the line on Ensemble's newest Age of Empires. It appeared we were the only visitors to the show that walked out the door not over-whelmed by Ensemble's offering.

Life Goes On

Life goes on. That is what we say, because if we are alive to say it, then it is true.


"I'm gonna need a weapon. I'm gonna need a big weapon." - Buffy

September 5th to 11th

"Labor Day is devoted to no man, living or dead, to no sect, race, or nation" Sounds like an opening to me! Welcome to Gamers With Jobs Day, I hope you enjoy the holiday Stan has provided for you and play games in his honor.


I am rapt with attention. I am hitting the refresh button again and again. There is a kind of fascination, a fixation; it is a car crash in slow motion, taking place in front of millions. Even my apathetic hipster friends are overcome by it. We text message one another about warm fronts. A nation of amateur weathermen. A nation of rubberneckers. No one is immune.