I saw over at Slashdot Games who saw over at Fragging for Fun Clan that Epic is slated to release a free version of the Unreal engine with no content or source code for non-commercial and educational use. Epic is doing this mainly so that people can begin to use the Unreal engine for non-gaming purposes, though it's unclear whether or not gamers can still use it.

Oct 13th - 19th

It's Thanksgiving here in Canada today although I've already had enough turkey over the last couple days to last me until Christmas. Since we're not actually doing any Thanksgiving stuff today I plan to zone out and play games until Volume Two of the Family Guy DVD calls me once again.Good week for games coming up! Max Payne 2, UFO, Jak II and more to look for later this week.
As if it was a relay stick: I see at HomeLAN that Counter-Strike: Condition Zero seems to be the hot potato among the games recently in development. Nobody wants to keep it in their hands for too long. According to this CS Nation preview the project ate up four developers altogether since Turtle Rock Studios apparently were involved in the last stage of the production.

$99 PS2 At Target?

GCAdvanced and PS2.IGN are reporting that the Target store chain supposedly will lower the Playstation 2 price down to $99.Sources from Target today told IGN they have received printed fliers with the price of the PlayStation 2 at $99.

Yeah, But the Resale Value Sucks

I realize this comic sets a dangerous precedent. However, I make no promises. Anyway, I think I've finally figured out why we're always so insistent on developers releasing demos of new products. I was recently trying to clear off some space on my hard drive and was playing the old Uninstall game. I discovered I had more demos installed than retail games. Demos suit me perfectly.
In anticipation of the upcoming Hidden and Dangerous 2, The Gathering and Illusion Softworks (makers of Mafia) are offering the full version of Hidden and Dangerous and the Devil's Bridge expansion as a free download! If you missed it the first time around (like I did) this is a great chance to give the game a shot.

Ten Hours in Middle Earth

Prove you are worthy of your Fanboi of Middle Earth title by stopping by one of these participating theaters on Tuesday, December 16 to watch the Special Extended Edition of the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Thrill to the extended remix of Fellowship of the Ring. Wallow in the special huge edition of The Two Towers. Then sway to the first screenings of The Return of the King!
I see over at Gamestar that the final hardware requirements for the PC version of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic were posted. A 733MHz CPU, 128MB RAM and a Geforce gfx card happens to be the required minimum. As for new content and options: resolutions up to 1600x1200 are supported. Three texture packs are featured.
I saw over at Voodoo Extreme that the ESRB is going to start an awareness campaign this holiday season asking parents if it's "OK to Play?". The new campaign is targeted at parents and seeks to educate them about which games are appropriate for thier families by placing adverts at cash registers in retailers soon.
According to rumours there actually are a few people here looking forward to World of Warcraft. These lunatics might want to head over to the recently updated class page at the WoW website. Blizzard posted some new screenshots of and information on the Paladin, Rogue and Priest classes.