Stubbs Contest Winners

Thanks to everyone for taking the time to submit an entry into the Stubbs: the Zombie Contest! We got some great entries and it was tough to decide on the winners. Well ok, first place was a pretty easy one but the other two? Very close! First Place:


"Keep Ted Turner and his damn crayons away from Citizen Kane!" -Orson Welles

Gamers With Jobs Radio Episode Five

Episode Five - California Game Law, Nintendo Opens Price Gate, Black & White 2 and More! Right Click Here and 'Save As' to Download!

Fahrenheit / Indigo Prophecy (PC/PS2/XBox)

Few corpses have ever been as healthy as the adventure genre.

Oct 17th - 23rd

Looking at this week's release list I can name at least five games I would have no trouble picking up on day one if not for the fact they are all shipping at the same time. The Warriors, Shadow of the Colossus, Pro Evolution Soccer 5, Stubbs the Zombie, F.E.A.R, AOE 3, Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance and even Blitz: The League looks like it might be good.

Stubbs Contest Reminder

Create a product of any kind marketed towards zombies!

The Definition of a Gamer

I've been concealing a shameful secret: I'm pretty sure that I haven't purchased a new video game in almost a year. During that time I've picked up a few used PC games here and there under the pretense that I may one day get around to playing them -- though thus far I have not.

Gamers With Jobs Radio Episode Four

Episode Four - Xbox 360 Launch Title List, GameTap Preview, The Twelve Stages of Being Banned from the Site and More!

Oct 10th to 16th

Happy Thanksgiving to all the Canadians in the house! We had our family gathering yesterday so today is all about relaxation and gaming for me. I've been playing Black & White 2 and so far the building of armies and the changes made to pet training have done a great deal to alleviate some of my gripes with the original game.

Good Old-Fashioned Family Fun

My grandfather is a complete scoundrel. He smells of trickery and deceit. If he were a Norse god, he'd be Loki; if he were a Final Fantasy character, he'd be Cait Sith. He is a rogue, a rapscallion, a villain, a knave, and all the other Shakespearean insults combined.