Gamers With Jobs Radio Episode Three

Episode Three - Game Reviews, The Used Game Bonanza and More!

Oct 3rd to 9th

It'll have to be a quick one today, I'm driving Karla out to a cabin so she can write without interruption for the next week or so. That being the case, I'm taking applications for someone to fill in on tucking me in and helping me find my keys. Our Game of the Week is Black and White 2 for the PC because if nothing else, it should stimulate some good conversation!

Review: Fable, The Lost Chapters (PC)

If you are a fan of traditional computer role playing games, then you may be suffering the following symptoms: nausea, headaches, unusual sweating, the shakes, hallucinations and possibly seizures. This is because you are suffering from withdrawal.

EBGames' Potential New Deal

I was visiting my local EBGames up here in Canada and noticed they've got a new deal that I hadn't seen mentioned anywhere online. It turns out this new offer is actually in market testing and my local area just happens to be one of those markets giving it a shot.

Winning the Lottery

This is the first article in what will be a long-running series written by me about the time in my life that will most likely conclude my enlistment in the Army National Guard. Some of you already know what this is about. I don't know who I'm really writing this for. I guess I'm writing it for me.

Sept 26th to Oct 2nd

Welcome to the last week of September, I hope as you waste way more time than you should browsing the forums you notice how much faster they're running! Our host, has done a great job recovering from Katrina and maintaining good service for us, way to go guys!

Playing Everquest 2 So You Don't Have To

Everquest 2, when it was released, was a game that I managed to play for about a week before abandoning it as a disappointing follow-up to one of my favorite addictions. I offer that as an opening statement so you know from the start precisely what kind of mindset I'm coming from.

Life Imitates... Art?

Two Sundays ago my roommates and I decided to walk the two miles from our apartment to the nearby naval air station, in order to see the Great State of Maine Air Show. The temperature was quite cool that day, and we figured the exercise would do us some good. Halfway there, I realized that I had forgotten to apply sunscreen to my pasty, monitor-tanned flesh.

Port Red

I know a man who owns an Xbox and only one game. That game is Halo, and this man is an Obsessive/Compulsive.

Sept 19th to 25th

I was going to moan and groan about spending my weekend gutting and renovating my washroom but this week's release list has pierced my despair and left me with...well, a lot of games to play. Mind you, the bathroom isn't done yet so...yeah.