And Through the Cracks, Wilderness

I sometimes have trouble motivating myself to finish my games, and I am least likely to play a game through to completion when, by the end of the first few levels, I feel like I've already seen all that the game has to offer.

Employee Profile: Mex

Here's one just for the ladies! Mex is a constant source of content and inspiration for us all here at GWJ, and I think that extends to our forum community. His stories inspire us all to believe that maybe, just maybe, those Letters to Penthouse are actually true, because one of our own is apparently living that lusty latin life. And, he totally plays videogames.

Gamers With Jobs Radio Episode Ten

Episode Ten - November 29th, 2005 Putting the Xbox360 Launch Hysteria to Bed (we hope), Reviews of Kameo, Perfect Dark Zero, Darkwatch and more!

November 28th to December 4th

All weekend I've been struggling with this damn cold and playing Dragon Quest VIII, which hasn't been much of a struggle at all.

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

"The only thing this lunch lady is serving up ... is lies!" -- Phoenix Wright, from Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

Elysium's Guide To Black Friday Retail!

As you settle yourself to Thanksgiving dinner at your large overstuffed table surrounded by large overstuffed family and try not to listen to your mother and her drunk belligerent brother have their annual argument over who knocked who off a bike and down a ravine in 1971, it's natural to look forward toward the end of Thanksgiving. Natural, that is, unless you work retail.

Smartbomb Book Reading Event, With Sid Meier!

Hello everyone, Certis here. Sway emailed me to geek out a little about meeting Sid Meier at a book reading a few days ago. He really should have known better because I immediately demanded an article about his experience and what the authors of the book had to say.

Pomegranate Seeds

I can think of about half a dozen good games that I've played over the past ten years that I bought as soon as they were released. Going back all the way to the beginning of my illustrious gaming career, that number perhaps doubles. For those of you who are counting, that's a dozen games in more than twenty years.

Gamers With Jobs Radio Episode Nine

Episode Nine - November 22nd, 2005 Xbox 360 Launch Day Right Click Here and 'Save As' to Download!

Xbox 360, Dignity or Line-Ups?

I hope I've given everyone a fair approximation of what the Xbox 360 experience is all about and which games are worth considering (or not) before you leave to camp out a Wal-Mart.