For the past six years I've been unable to instantly recall my age. It often takes a few seconds. Sometimes I even have to look at my driver's license and do the math. Last year, as the calendar was almost used up, I discovered that my birthday was upon me yet again, and after doing the math, I realized that it was the thirtieth time.

Games As Art: In Memory of Dolores Haze

This month, what I consider the greatest literary work of the 20th century celebrates its fiftieth anniversary. It's the best writing I have ever and will ever read; the prose is crushing, effortless: a creature of power and beauty and horror. I was lost from the first simple, chilling words:

Games and History

People commonly maintain that constructive criticism is always welcome, for the reason given in the name. Destructive criticism, on the other hand, is thought to serve little purpose, since it can only inflict harm, and harm is to be avoided.

Guitar Hero

For those about to rock, we salute you - AC/DC

Gamers With Jobs Radio Holiday 2005

Holiday 2005 Episode Gaffes, Outtakes and Flubs! Right Click Here and 'Save As' to Download!

December 19th to 25th

Joyeux Noël! French AND Christian, choke on that Americans! The big lead up to Christmas has a whopping three games to choose from this week, which should make it a bit easier on your already strained wallets.

2005 - a brief inaccurate history

You take the good, you take the bad, you take them both and there you have "… the 2005 year-in-review. Or, more accurately, the highly biased, completely subjective, and woefully incomplete Elysium-flavored look back at 2005.

The Final Word

Welcome to the second edition of the Gaming Report, the news report that's like being beaten with a length of hose. A hose filled with Facts™.

Playing to the Cheap Seats

or: Why The End of the World Will Be Funny Sometimes I think too much. I take heart in knowing that I'm not alone in this. Lots of people think too much (I think).

Gamers With Jobs Radio Episode Twelve

Episode Twelve - December 13th, 2005 GUN, Guitar Hero, Saint's Row, Nintendo Revolution Specs and More!