Business As Usual

As I look back over the past few weeks of front page coverage, all I see is games, games, games, give us money, games, and a man wearing a coconut bikini-top that does not cover the parts a coconut bikini-top is damn well supposed to cover.

Ends of Games

Santa Claus must have hated me as a child. When he replaced my Intellivision with a brand-new NES on December 25, 1986, he saw fit to include Spelunker, one of the most prodigiously difficult games ever devised.

Donation Drive Update: Six Days Left!

We are a mere six days away from the November 14th, 11:59PM deadline for making a donation! Once that's done, the drive ends for another year and that sweet, sweet PC and Sony PSP and awesome games will be given away to some lucky winners. Remember, if your name isn't on the master list it means we have a donation without a forum name attached to it and you need to let us know!

Gamers With Jobs Radio Episode Seven

Episode Seven - November 8th, 2005 Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Interview, Civilization 4 Impressions, Bioware/Pandemic Merger and more!

November 7th to 13th

This week marks the first Xbox 360 game to hit shelves, Kameo: Elements of Power. Next week we'll see most of the sports games...err.. I mean "launch titles" with a couple more on the week of the actual console's release. One Xbox 360 port that will see release on the older consoles is Gun, a cowboy action game coming out for the PS2, Gamecube, Xbox and PC this week.

Employee Profile: Baggachipz

I had lots of nice things I was prepared to say about Baggachipz, a forum member who has been with us since the very beggining and helped shape the collective personality of GWJ, but then he sent in this picture of himself and it washes away two-and-a-half years of good things.

Metroid Prime Pinball

"Pinball tables/ Gold and Silver/ Altars to the Master's plan!" -- "TV Studio", The Who [color=white]space[/color]

Shadow of the Colossus

If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.--Isaac Newton

Gamers With Jobs Radio Special Bulletin

Special Bulletin 11/01/05 - First Impressions of: The Warriors and Civilization 4 plus an encore presentation of The Wiener Bomb Song

Donation Drive Update

For those of you who missed it, a second place prize of a brand new Sony PSP has been added to the prize pool! Also included are a bunch of awesome games for other names drawn to choose from.