Forced March Home

"I just want to say something before you turn on your machines. I don't have to be here. I can leave whenever I'd like, and I seriously doubt it's worth your time to pester the magistracy for a proper rendition order. So if I detect the slightest accusatory tone in your questions, we're through.

Gamers With Jobs Radio Episode Twenty

Episode Twenty - February 21st, 2006 The New Lara Croft, Atari Cuts Jobs, Xbox Live Gamerscore Controversy, Fallout, Psychonauts and more!

Feb. 20th to 25th

Like the successful, bloodthirsty investment bankers ring side at the MGM Grand, sprayed with another man's blood tinged sweat as he rocks to a fiercely delivered upper-cut, my giddy, primal joy at the orgnaized violence of Fight Night 3 is insatiable.

Gamer's Block

It's just me and my dog on the couch. Open magazines and half-wilted carnations sit behind me. My laptop rests on my legs. The room vaguely smells like pasta. I'm desperately trying to come up with something to write, because it's my turn to go on Friday and I don't want to make Elysium whip out an Employee Profile on my behalf.

Analyze This

Catchy title, check. Inexhaustible vocabulary and willingness to say in fifteen words what could be said in three, check. Basic understanding of gaming industry mechanics, check. Prominent outlet with available pool of readers, check. Certainty at the superiority of own comments, double check. With just these easy to acquire tools, anyone can be a gaming analyst. No seriously, anyone.

Trace Memory

It's a poor sort of memory that only works backward.--Lewis Carroll

Gamers With Jobs Radio Episode Nineteen

Episode Nineteen - February 14th, 2006 Lionhead Studios Merger, Nintendo DS Announcements, The Matrix: Path of Neo, Call of Cthulu and more!

Feb. 13th to 18th

Oh, I know what you're thinking: holy humming horsepower havoc, a new Xbox 360 title! Why that must be, by default, the game of the week. After all, it's only the second big release for the system since Microsoft unleashed nearly two dozen systems onto a ravenous public last November.

Two Views of the Medium

In his 1883 essay Two Views of the Mississippi, Mark Twain described his experiences as an untutored observer of the Mississippi, and later as a skilled riverboat pilot. Twain lamented how his knowledge of the river eventually robbed him of the sense of mystery that once captivated him as he stood on its banks:

Birth of a Salesman

Every so often I like to offer an update from the realm of the self-employed, partly because I find the challenges of running my own business equal parts surprising and interesting, and I hope that by scribing my experiences I can perhaps inform, even entertain, but more specifically because I am painfully self-involved. Ask all the people who refuse to be my friend, and they'll tell you.