Police Brutality Simulator

I've been hearing about something called Â"emergent gameplayÂ" from developers for years. The theory goes, you give the player the tools to affect the world, obstacles to overcome and a simulation rich enough and they'll come up with their own game as they play.

Something Old, Something New

When I posed the question of what the top five most innovative games of all time were, I really did so without any solid concept of exactly what I meant.  IÂ'd been thinking about the idea of innovation in gaming for a while, knowing something was stirring that I felt needed to be said, but without any real idea what that something was.  Usually I just plow forward with my first par

In Search of Sustenance, part one

Sitting still for hours on end poses certain challenges to the human body. Muscles begin to cramp; fatigue sets in; circulation of blood suffers; and other people throw hard objects in an effort to induce movement. I find that most gamers have learned to compensate for these difficulties in one way or another, but there remains one physical hardship with which all gamers must wrestle: hunger.

Dear World of Warcraft

I was doing my weekly rounds, going through everybody's desks after hours looking for change and incriminating documents for blackmail purposes when I stumbled across this letter Atomsmasher wrote to World of Warcraft.

April 11th to 17th

After a surprising weekend of playing BaldurÂ's Gate 2 for well over 15 hours total IÂ'm whipped! The Infinity engine has withstood the test of time and so has BiowareÂ's story telling, especially when you donÂ't remember much of the plot from the last time you played. From the old to the new, we tag BiowareÂ's Jade Empire for the Xbox as our Game of the Week.

Timesplitters: Future Perfect

"Time is an illusion, lunchtime doubly so" - Douglas Adams Welcome to 4tomsm4sher's review of Timesplitters: Future Perfect. It's currently out for the PS2, Gamecube and Xbox so be sure to check it out!
For reasons that remain largely inexplicable, some companies occasionally send us preview builds of their upcoming titles. Last I saw of Dungeon Siege II, Certis and I were sitting in one of Microsoft's backrooms at last year's E3 where two producers from Gas Powered Games wondered who the hell we were and why they were giving us a behind closed doors sneak peak.

Joyous Malaise

Like many avid gamers, I frequently feel compelled to detail all the myriad ways that our favorite industry has gotten everything wrong. This, I assure you, is not pleasant business.

Your Title Here!

[This Space for Rent!] So I was playing Burnout 3 with the GF the other day and I saw my very first example of what the advertisements called Enhanced Advertising. Basically, there are billboards along the road of certain race courses, and the game uses your Xbox Live! Account to download shiny, new advertisements to paste onto those boards as they become available.

April 4th to 10th

Where they hell did the Doom III expansion come from? Apparently itÂ's coming out this week if itÂ's not on shelves already. The total lack of buzz doesnÂ't surprise me, if you want to get people excited about an expansion you have to offer more varied game play in the original release.