A History of Videogame Violence

Warning: This article contains spoilers for a minor but well-done sidequest from Troika's "Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines"

My Name is Julesy

In which our hero, 29 years later, spends a weekend inside Dungeons and Dragons Online "I can have fun playing any RPG. If the GM is good." - Gary Gygax

GWJ's E3 2006 Game Wrap-Up

Pics From The Show

The line for the Wii was made even more awesome with people on TV screens to chat with. This particular fellow does a lot of voices for Nintendo games.

May 15th - May 20th

E3 is done and gone for another year, but its shockwaves will be with us for some time I'm sure. While most will invest themselves deeply in the debate between PS3 and Wii, there exists another contingent among us that heard and saw something long awaited. Something that spoke of the bright and regained future, which we've suspected for some time might come to fruition.

E3 Day Three

We're closing on the final day of E3 and everybody is trying to get everything wrapped up before they kick us out the door. One of the hallmarks of this show has been the amazing amount of great games on display here. I've literally spent hours just looking at interesting stuff I randomly spied while walking the floor.

E3 Day Two

I have two minutes before I need to run off to my next appointment. We're all just utterly swampped with games we need to write about, but getting a spare 30 minutes is a lot tougher this year with all of the appointment we have. Yesterday I saw one game on the show floor, the rest were behind closed doors. Insane! So, welcome to day two! Lots more to come.

E3 Day One

I figured a ton of content probably warranted a new intro, so here it is. The first few hours of the show have been a flurry of trying to put our hands on the long awaited games that have entertained and piqued our vulnerable notions for weeks and months. As always there was much to see, and a blitz of attention grabbing sights and sounds ...

E3 Day Zero - Travelogue

As I write this E3 is beginning its short but spectacular neon burn in Los Angeles as Nintendo fans get their first meaningful glimpse of the Wii in action.

May 8th - 13th

Ah, May is here, and so a time for men to be boys and women to pretend they aren't married to those boy-men.