"Outstanding! Your brain is rippling with raw brainy power!" – The Professor

May 1st to 7th

Welcome to the Week Ahead for the week of May 1st! Much like most weeks leading up to E3, the PC platform dominates the release list with a few also-console titles (Winning Eleven 9, Ghost Recon: Advance Warfighter) and a couple versions of Sudoku for the PC and GBA.

A Force More Powerful

There is a great streak of violence in every human being. If it is not channeled and understood, it will break out in war or in madness.--Sam Peckinpah

Exclusive Interview

Now I know most of the fans of the Gaming Report have been wondering where this humble feature has been these past few months. I know I've been missing this straight no-chaser double-shot of Facts™. I also know you must have some questions about its sudden disappearance. Where did it go? Why did it leave? Will someone hold me?

Once More Unto The Breach

It is reasonable to say that the part of my brain where I entertain notions about video games and subjects relating to video games is now completely consumed with the impending E3.

Two Weeks

Two weeks ago, I reviewed the game Coliseum for this very website. At the time, I thought that I had written something worthwhile and interesting; well short of grandiose, to be sure, but certainly up to the standards to which we are accustomed here at GWJ.

Coin-Op Commemoration

You'll hear people talk about the sonic chaos, how the pings and bells and digital tweets coming from each cabinet will draw them in. They'll mention the thundering roar of race car engines or the room-shaking explosions. Others love the bright neon contrasting with the cave-like darkness, or the seizure-inducing flashes coming from the screens. That's not it for me though.

Call For Writers *Update*

A reminder to those of you inclined to scribe your polysyllabic mirth into digital literature and infect a captive audience with your viral musings, that the GWJ search for writers continues. The best start for penning a submission is to not write like I did in the last sentence. Seriously, I'm this close to firing myself.

April 24th - April 29th

You've just got to love a successful MMO without a monthly subscription fee, if only on principle. Guild Wars has trundled along quite happily and successfully over the past year in the devouring shadow of MMO Overlord World of Warcraft, quietly developing a devout following.

That Which We Are, We Are

I am strong of will and free of mind, and I can control the most significant of my own actions. This thought is now so thoroughly ingrained upon my consciousness that I no longer even have to repeat it to myself, with hands clasped about my ears while chanting above the din of dissenting voices, "Lalalalala, not listening," for it to hold true.