May 29th - June 2nd

Memorial Day probably means a relaxing day away from the grinds of work and responsibility to be spent drinking too much cheap beer and inflicting fire and lighter fluid to any number of unsuspecting hot dogs. Perhaps you will find yourself called to the cool darkness of a local movie theater. Perhaps you will simply lounge away the day in the company of close friends and family.

The Duke is Dead

Listen, I know it hurts, but we need to face it. Yes, I enjoyed the slaughter of Imps as much as the next guy. I, too was ecstatic after the first-won deathmatch. Believed that running some guy over with a tank would never get old. I was wrong and it's time to admit it. Game violence is dead.

Rise of Nations: Rise of Legends

Here there be dragons!

Secret DaVinci Code Game Preview

We've got an exciting Gaming Report this week, I managed to get behind closed doors with a top-secret new project at E3 that's going to revolutionize the way games tell stories. You may have heard of the DaVinci Code Game, the action/adventure title that is out now on the PC and the various consoles.
Currently circulating in Harper's Weekly is a sexy, two-page Mercedes Benz ad; maybe you've seen it? The first page is a bold photograph, the car equivalent of a woman's thigh playing peek-a-boo behind a dress slit: a gleaming tire; a sleek, ebony hood; and a tiny Benz logo, erect like a metal nipple.

May 22nd - 27th

I suppose I could have given the nod on this week's Game of the Week to Rockstar's belated April Fools joke, Table Tennis, but, short of Rockstar Games Presents Chutes and Ladders I can't think of a stranger title to come out of that particular developer.

What Mattered

Talking up E3 has become something of an annual pastime, as each year the size and scope of the event is inevitably related in breathless detail by exhibitors, media, and attendees alike. It's as if the sheer spectacle of it all, with the booth models, the swag, the towering LED displays, and the endless rows of plasma screens, endows the event with great meaning and purpose.

Thoughts From E3 2006

If you're anything like me, then you're probably getting tired of the often hysterical pre-E3, at-E3, and post-E3 coverage. I assure you from personal experience that such a sentiment would likely be trebled had you actually attended the show and come back bleary-eyed and swollen-footed.

A History of Videogame Violence

Warning: This article contains spoilers for a minor but well-done sidequest from Troika's "Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines"

My Name is Julesy

In which our hero, 29 years later, spends a weekend inside Dungeons and Dragons Online "I can have fun playing any RPG. If the GM is good." - Gary Gygax