E3 Day Zero - Travelogue

As I write this E3 is beginning its short but spectacular neon burn in Los Angeles as Nintendo fans get their first meaningful glimpse of the Wii in action.

May 8th - 13th

Ah, May is here, and so a time for men to be boys and women to pretend they aren't married to those boy-men.

The Hardest Virtue

He sighs. "You have to be patient." "I don't know how," I mumble. "Patience is for people who are slower than me."

"Sweetheart, dinner's ready..."

Upstairs, my wife has the kids. My daughter came home from school an hour or so ago, ran down the basement steps and gave me a hug (the biggest perk of working from home is extra hugs).

Living in Diversion

I stare at the screen. 50 hours? Have I really put two entire days into this game? I did not notice that they'd gone--there was no chime to mark each hours passage from my life into a world that exists only in code--but they most certainly are. If I concentrate I can almost feel the void they filled, a bizarre phantom pain.

Welcome Rabbit and Malacola!

Please join me in congratulating the "winners" of our latest Call For Writers: Rabbit and Malacola. Now, I know what you're thinking. Who the hell is Rabbit and/or Malacola; and the answer is: I have no idea, but they sure write purty.

Tomb Raider: Legend

It's just a job after all, isn't it? Some people deliver the post, I jump over rivers and fight tigers.--Lara Croft

Gamers With Jobs Swag Re-Launched!

After some issues with shipping, all back-ordered Wiener Bomb shirts and Gamers With Jobs mugs have been sent out. I've also received my own and I am very pleased with the quality of both the mug and the shirt. Cafe Press this is not! Orders are officially re-opened and I'm confident they will be packed and shipped out quickly.

I Am Not Insane

On one sweltering, summer afternoon in Baton Rouge, perhaps three years ago, I visited a hobby store. I call it a "hobby" store because I don't know what better appellation might befit a store that sells games of all types, except for the electronic variety.

Call For Writers - Final Update

As the final hours to the deadline approach on our call for writers, and the last of the submissions trickle in we are beginning to make our decisions. Thanks a lot for not making it easy, people!