Who Wants to Play Oedipus?

Something is missing. To be honest, I didn't even notice it until recently, but now that I have, its absence has weighed on my thoughts. There is a narrative void in our medium. Games have thus far ignored a particularly revered dramatic template; a template which Western society holds in quite possibly the highest regard.

Word Nerd

As a college graduate with a bachelor's degree in English from a reputable university, I like to imagine that my mind is a passionate tumult of well-primed thought. As a matter of practicality, however, my accredited education has prepared me, at best, to coax readers into reading words that I conjure, or, at worst, to serve them delicious caffeinated beverages.

Can't We Just Move On?

There are certain common disputes that arise among gamers with all the regularity of a metronome's motion. Some of these disputes are well over a decade old, and in that time they have changed very little with regard to their form or content.

The Ship

"Every murderer is probably somebody's old friend" – Agatha Christie I'm in third-class cabin 3. For reasons I can't remember, I have 90 seconds to kill someone. Mr. X told me to do it, and I can't refuse. The hair on my neck stands up. I know Mr. X hired someone to kill me, too. Please God, let me find a weapon.

July 17th - 21st

Well, it's another hot and sweltering week here in the heat capital of the world: Minnesota. I'm not sure in what way I've wronged our usually benign and yellow star, but it is exacting a terrible ferociousness on me and my kin this week that finds us seeking shelter in dim, well air-conditioned corners where drinks are plentiful and physical exertion anathema.
I am accepting donations on behalf of Jane Massey, wife of One_Of_47 who tragically passed away this past week of complications related to Legionnaires' Disease (news story

Aches, Pains, Aging, and Gaming

Click. Wince. Click. Wince. With each gentle tap of my right index finger an electric ache runs across my palm and settles into a dull, throbbing sensation in my wrist.

In Memory

I woke this morning to a forum with very sad news. One of our own here at GWJ passed during the night.

There but for the Grace of Mod Go I

So there I was grinding my axe, thrashin' out hardcore, to Guitar Hero this afternoon, when I was again reminded of how much I bemoan the console gaming experience to that of the PC.

Siberia Has No Y

Upon its release in 2002, the PC adventure game Syberia, developed by Microids and published by The Adventure Company, garnered immediate and unrestrained praise.