Now the World Has Gone to Bed

People have often remarked to me that I'll never know what I have, until I lose it. Living in Maine as I do, and with the summer solstice fast approaching, that's certainly true of the nocturnal hours, which, through their excruciating absence of late, I've recently discovered are essential to my own mental well-being.

Guild Wars: Factions

A Postmodern Dialog INT: ITALIAN CAFE, MANHATTAN - DAY A small cafe, reminiscent of the old Italian coffeehouses of McDougall street in the village. The espresso machine is a tentacled hairdo of brass piping and weathered wood. Behind it stands a 19-year-old, pierced BARRISTA, cute. It's raining. RABBIT enters. Disheveled, eyes baggy from one too many martinis and 4 hours of sleep.

June 12th - June 17th

I've never understood all the Metal Gear Solid love. Both times I have played, once on the PS1 and once on the PS2, it took about four hours before I became exhausted, bored, and frustrated with the game.

A Return to Black Mesa

It is very nearly a rule that when my flatmate Gavin gets ahold of some shiny, new PC game, you may find me hunched before my aged rig, playing the prior iteration thereof, and pretending to be just as happy as he. He plays Oblivion; I "re-explore" Morrowind.

Paging Bobby Fischer

I am a mild man. In almost every aspect of my manner I am quiet, unassuming, non-threatening, as dangerous as a softly drifting autumn leaf, flittering through the chill October air. My voice is mild, my disposition friendly, I do well with kids, don't chew up the furniture, and rarely urinate on the carpet.

Half-Life 2: Episode One

Evacuate City 17 at once, if not sooner! I cannot state this without enough undue emphasis.--Dr. Kleiner
I do not like work, even when someone else does it -- Mark Twain Most video games are a rip-off. Nearly every video game since "tank pong" has buried its best content behind layers of work. Unlike any other retail product I can think of, when you buy a video game, the chances that you will actually get what you paid for are infinitesimal.

June 5th - 10th

The past few weeks have seen temperatures cracking into the mid-nineties here in central Minnesota -- for those of you on the barbarian celsius system that's something like five-hundred and sixty-two or minus eighty-three, I'm not so good with the conversion -- which can only mean that summer has officially arrived.

Design by Aggregation

In the Sumba Islands, there is a particular tribe of Indonesians, who weave a particular type of traditional cloth, called ikat. These are intricate, elaborately patterned tapestries, the most complex of which are handed down as heirlooms for generations. The process to create them is a convoluted one, in that it involves more than one person.

If You Can't Join 'Em, Beat 'Em

Since posting my original three-part series on The Retail Game, I have received voluminous correspondence in formats digital from people who were left with no shortage of comments and questions.