April 24th - April 29th

You've just got to love a successful MMO without a monthly subscription fee, if only on principle. Guild Wars has trundled along quite happily and successfully over the past year in the devouring shadow of MMO Overlord World of Warcraft, quietly developing a devout following.

That Which We Are, We Are

I am strong of will and free of mind, and I can control the most significant of my own actions. This thought is now so thoroughly ingrained upon my consciousness that I no longer even have to repeat it to myself, with hands clasped about my ears while chanting above the din of dissenting voices, "Lalalalala, not listening," for it to hold true.

A Marriage of Extremes

Late last month IGN scooped new Revolution system specs through the tireless journalistic efforts and dogged tenacity for which they are known. What they found was a system that was not willing to pony up the horsepower (get it? Pony.

Write For GWJ! (call for writers)

As we bid farewell to one of GWJ's most prolific and creative voices, we look at the same time toward the future of the site. The (temporary?) loss of one feature spells the opening for new voices to be introduced, and while we do loves us our Fletcher, we also love the opportunity to introduce new and incredibly varied talents to our readership.

Gamers With Jobs Radio Episode Twenty-Six

Episode Twenty-Six - April 18th, 2006 Tomb Raider: Legend, Blazing Angels, More Oblivion (I know, I know), and Fletcher's Farewell.

April 17th - 22nd

Once upon a time, there was a genre that dominated computer gaming, and described its greatest titles across a broad and imaginitive spectrum. This genre was the leader in both graphical advances and creative imagining for a fledgling industry.

Metroid Prime: Hunters

Problem solving is hunting. It is savage pleasure and we are born to it.--Thomas Harris

The Profit of Perfection

I concede from the start that any Official magazine devoted to console specific coverage is probably not widely known as the secret bastion of unbiased integrity, any more than a high-school cheerleading squad is just hoping that the best team wins.

Interstellar Trader 2

"Money itself isn't lost or made, it's simply transferred from one perception to another." – Gordon Gekko, Wall Street


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