Madden 16 Playmakers

August 24 – 30

Ah Madden, my old addiction. You’re enough to bring me out of a sleepy retirement and back once more into the clutches of TWA. Madden 16 is the 28th major release of the longstanding football franchise, and at this point is roughly as sure a thing in the gaming industry as we get.
Let me get this out of the way up front: I'm feeling a little intimidated right now. My usual review fodder is either very old or so niche that not even the game's developers played it. I have no idea what to do with a Mario game. It's like a gnat trying to bite a giganotosaurus.
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There are a lot of options floating around this week. That's no more true than if you like flying around in 2D while dodging health-depleting projectiles.
A fascinating and completely opaque game. One I would have been completely lost in, had I not spent the previous weekend playing six hours of Farming Simulator 14 on my 3DS.
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GWJ Plays OlliOlli2

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Sometimes the past should stay buried. It never does, because it's the past.
Garfield, minus Garfield

August 10 – August 16

Clearly Paddington: Adventures in London is going to be the under-appreciated gem of our time. Okay, no, it's not that bad of a week. In fact, I'd say it's a great week, as there's literally something for everyone in that long list of PC indie releases.