I was a little intimidated by this game, because so many people have told me that it was impossible to understand without playing all of the other Tales games. Then the game opened with a woman and her giant demon arm eating a werewolf. I’m about as on board as you can get without a train ticket.

GWJ Conference Call Episode 627

Super Mario Party, Yet Even More Spider-Man, Pizza Titan Ultra, NES on Switch, Arena of Valor and Magic The Gathering: Arena. Also, we check in with McChuck of Table Tanked to talk about game pairings.
There’s lots of interesting stuff out there this week, and I encourage you all to go hunting on your own. What follows are just some of the things that I found.
Yes, they got the swinging right.

GWJ Conference Call Episode 626

Assassin's Creed: Odyssey, Wandersong, The Gardens Between, Head's Off, Clicker Racing, Forza Horizon 4. Also, we talk to Justin McElroy about The Sawbones Book and creating things as well as your emails & more!
So this week we have what is arguably the biggest release in gaming, but you’ll have to wait for my game of the week pick to find out why you’re wrong about what it is. (I’m practicing to write for clickbait sites. How’m I doin’?) There are a lot of interesting titles coming out this week, and I’ve carefully curated five that caught my eye for further attention.
The Bard’s Tale. For realsies.

GWJ Conference Call Episode 625

Moss, Beat Saber, some general VR discussion and Magic: The Gathering Arena. Also, getting deeply invested in your games, your emails & more!

October 1 – October 7

Happy Palindrome day! I don’t know if today is actually palindrome day, or even if there is an official palindrome day, but there is an official Intellectual Property Day, so I’m going to go ahead and declare that today is Palindrome day. Go listen to Bob by Weird Al Yankovic and prepare to have your mind blown.
Well, I could forge ahead. Ore, I could slag this one and go play something that isn’t a hot, broken mess.