Sponsored By: My own nostalgia Time Played: 73 minutes Tiny Grasshopper review An ambiguously Asian stereotype sets off on an adventure to retrieve a magic sword from a dangerous multinational corporation. That's right!
Elite Dangerous 1.0, The Crew, Company of Heroes 2: Ardennes Assault, Grey Goo, Kerbal Space Program, NewRetroArcade (Oculus), Our Favorite Games of 2014, Your Emails and More! Join Sean Sands, Allen Cook, Rob Zacny and Shawn Andrich as they talk about their best and worst games and experiences in 2014! We also reveal Sean Sands as The Game King. All hail.
Mr. Sands says he lives in Minnesota, but that's actually a clever cover for his seasonal gig further north. (C'mon, tell me you're surprised. How long have we been talking about his beard?) Anyway, he didn't file a Week Ahead due either to that or to the fact that nothing's really coming out this week. So you're stuck with my humbuggery.
Sponsored by: RNR Clown Time Played: 70 minutes, but only 60 of them seriously. Seriously Short Review Back in the 2001, some Croatians wondered what Smash TV would be like if it were a first-person shooter, and created an engine specifically to render an obscene number of enemies in wide-open environments.
Dragon Age: Inquisition Spoiler Section - December 17th, 2014 So many Dragon Age: Inquisition Spoilers! Join Lara Crigger, Karla Andrich and Shawn as they dive deep into Dragon Age: Inquisition spoilers.
FarCry 4, Dead State, Ultra-Wide Monitor Review, Irrational Feelings About Games, Dragon Age: Inquisition Spoiler Section (See Show Notes!), Your Emails and More! This week Sean, Julian and Cory talk about irrational feelings about games! We also have a Dragon Age: Inquisition Spoiler Section with Lara, Karla and Shawn you'll find as a separate download!
With Kerbal Space Program's official move (finally) to beta, now seemed like as good a time as any to go over why this is one of my favorite games of the past year, and do an introductory walkthrough of the game and the latest features.
(Knock knock knock) Do you have a moment to contemplate the healing power of fun? I thought of this while watching my kids recover from a nasty virus. They were spiking fevers, throwing up what little they'd eaten, and generally not moving around a whole lot.
It may be Star Citizen that has been the biggest, brightest star in the revitalization of PC space sims, and its $66.6 million dollars of funding raised sort of boggles my mind.
Sponsored By: a totally sick Humble Bundle offer Hang Time: 63 minutes 2lawn: DintPl8 Aw man, I am so stoked to be spelling you on this game. It is totally sick! So grab your deck, put some spinners on it, and prepare to grind your way into infamy.