Garfield, minus Garfield

August 10 – August 16

Clearly Paddington: Adventures in London is going to be the under-appreciated gem of our time. Okay, no, it's not that bad of a week. In fact, I'd say it's a great week, as there's literally something for everyone in that long list of PC indie releases.
My original intent was to do a review of several quick arcade titles in one package that included Pac Man, Chicken Shoot and Mortal Kombat Komplete, but the last one turned out to be sufficiently deep and satisfying that I had to give it a whole TL;DP.

GWJ Conference Call Episode 460

Live from Gencon 2015!
ADventure Lib

August 3 – August 9

My eyebrow was one of many that were raised when conductor Arnie Roth casually mentioned at the Pittsburgh Distant Worlds concert that Final Fantasy XII was getting a "remake", something that he stated we had "all heard of by now".
They told me that I could be anything in video games, so I decided to be a slice of bread. Yes. Really. They made a game that's even more ludicrous than Goat Simulator.
Tusks, Running With Rifles, LoL Reloaded, Rocket League, Gathering Your Group, Special Community Guest Amoebic, Your Emails and More!
Rocket League Let's Play

GWJ Plays Rocket League

July 27 – August 2

We're approaching the dog days of summer, and you know what that means: Lots of people complaining that there are no games coming out! Those people, and I say this with a heart full of understanding and respect, aren't looking hard enough.
Remember when I reviewed FTL? Go back and read that. You won't miss much.

GWJ Conference Call Episode 458

Total War: Attila, Starcraft II: Legacy of The Void Prologue, Her Story, The Magic Circle, Portal Stories Mel, Rory McIlroy Golf, A Graham Rowat Reading, Your Emails and More!