Donation Drive Update #3!

We are now in the home stretch of what we're dubbing the 2015 Donation Drive. Thanks everyone for you support! We're very, very close to hitting our stretch goal to commission Jeff Beeman (doogiemac) to develop community game scheduling tools. Anything above and beyond that will be saved and stockpiled for the next cool thing we want to implement.

GWJ Conference Call Episode 470

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The Morning After

It all started with nervous handshaking. Not the pressed flesh-on-flesh kind, with its scary physical contact and potential for perspiration mismatches – no, the kind of handshaking that modems used to do to figure out just how fast each side of the connection was. “So … your wife mentioned she plays a little Dragon Age once in a while.
Bad goosebumps cover

October 12 – October 18

Ubisoft takes a break from making games where you play some guy who kills a lot of people (and occasionally climbs a tower) to make a game where all of the people are already dead, so you just climb a tower. No, it's not an original joke, but it's still a good one and it bears repeating.

GWJ Conference Call Episode 469

Donation Drive 2015!, SOMA, Rainbow Six: Siege, Lego Dimensions, Prison Architect, Cities Skylines: After Dark, Shooty Shoot Shoot Games & Why We Play Less, Your Emails and More!
It’s been three weeks since we launched the 2015 Donation Drive that transitioned from 12 years of using PayPal to the new Patreon model -- As I write this we currently have an amazing 444 GWJers helping to support the community, the site, the podcast and the many people who play a part in this whole endeavor.

The Beginner's Guide Spoiler Section

The Beginner's Guide Spoiler Section
transformers packaging gri background-

October 5 – October 11

The biggest hitters this week combine to make me exceedingly excited about going off on a tangent. You might not be aware of this, but there is a band named The Cybertronic Spree which perfoms in full Transformers: The Movie cosplay. Let me say this: You haven't seen "The Touch" performed until you've seen it sung by Hot Rod and Arcee.

Metal Gear Solid 5 Spoiler Section