GWJ Plays – Fallout 4

Join Shawn Andrich on a trek through Fallout 4! No major story or key area spoilers.

November 9 – November 15

I honestly thought this week would be easy. Fallout 4. Boom. Done. Then I went to vet the list and found a treasure trove of obscure weirdness. At least three games deserve my attention that are not made by Bethesda. Lovely Weather We’re Having is an interesting little nugget about a man who locked himself out of his house.
It's the Shadow of Four-Door.

Missing Rock Band

GWJ Conference Call Episode 473

Halo 5, AC: Syndicate, Life is Strange Complete, Hearts of Stone (Witcher 3), Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes, Dreadhalls, Persona 4: Dancing All Night, Dragon Quest Heroes, Downwell, Our Knitting Games, Your Emails and More!

Preorder Hell

I know it's bad for me. I know it's expensive. I'm not addicted. I don't have a problem. I can stop anytime I want to. I'm talking, of course, about pre-ordering video games. In the course of my gaming career I've fallen into the pre-order trap maybe a dozen times. It's almost never gone well.
Pre-publication publishing.

Schrödinger's Release Date

It's last Sunday evening, October 25th, and, like any other Sunday evening, I sit down and open up the shared document that GWJ writers use to put together our The Week Ahead post. I'll edit some of the writing that's already been put in, and then I'll scroll to the bottom and check our release list for accuracy.
Codblops 3 pic

November 2 – November 8

Remember how we said we were all done with Plastic Instruments? Hahahahahahahahahaha!