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Living in the Fringe

I’ve always thought of myself as a mainstream gamer. I don’t mean that I’m the demographic picture of your typical gamer — 42 years-old, with a mortgage, 2 kids, a heart condition and a job in marketing might not be, exactly, prototypical — I mean that when it comes to my gaming predilections, I trend toward the stock-standard AAA titles.
Live from Winter rabbitcon 2015! Boardgames, Oculus Rift Stuff, Video Game Stuff and more! Live from rabbitcon 2015!
Before we begin, a quick reminder about how things work around here. Each year, we poll our community members for their favorite games of the year, but instead of limiting it to just what released that year, we open it up to any game that was new to you.
It won't be worth saying week after week, so until further notice just be prepared to be disappointed by the weekly release list.
Our Favorite Games and Experiences of 2014 With Special Guests! Julian Murdoch, Cory Banks, Chris Cesarano, Jeff Cannata, Greg Decker, Kate Craig and Ken Levine! This week Shawn is joined by special guests to talk about their favorite games of 2014!
Skyrim bucket, via http://elderscrolls.wikia.com/

Notes From the Round File

I'm a writer, y'all. This means I spend a lot of time thinking about writing, doing anything, ANYTHING except writing, then feeling guilty. When your particular thing is "writing about videogames," you have your primary procrastination tool right there in the job description.
This past weekend I was honored to be invited to participate in the TakeThis.org holiday stream-a-thon. For 36 hours the TakeThis folks organized a bevy of streamers to provide a fun and safe stream for people to hang out or to get away from the stress of the holidays.
It's a week (and by all indications a month) to go through and whittle away at the pile of games you've been meaning to get around to playing. It's going to be a little while before there's a big game back on the list to talk about.
Sponsored By: My own nostalgia Time Played: 73 minutes Tiny Grasshopper review An ambiguously Asian stereotype sets off on an adventure to retrieve a magic sword from a dangerous multinational corporation. That's right!