Captain Forever Remix, Battlefield Hardline, Cities: Skylines Mods, Majora's Mask 3DS, Dean Tate on Indie Developin', Your Emails and More! This week Julian, Cory, Allen and Sean Sands are joined by Captain Forever Remix dev Dean Tate!
Super Mario Bros.

Onto World Two

When I was a child, at an age still in the single digits, I had a tendency to restart games from the beginning. I'd play the first world of Super Mario Bros. and then shut the game off. After defeating Bebop and Rocksteady in the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game, I would power down the Nintendo and go searching for something else to do.

March 23 – March 29

A solid-gold pedigree is hard to come by these days. With development teams numbering in the hundreds, it’s become nearly impossible to pin a game on one person (or even one studio) when it comes to the AAA set.
Time Played: 70 minutes Sponsored by: Mantid Basic Box of 16 review Doodle your way to rescue your best friend in this quirky point-and-click-and-draw adventure. Just be careful where you doodle, because it's really easy to find yourself erased. Epic box of 96 with the sharpener in the back review I was quite a good drawer in my youth.
In case you hadn't heard, I like the game Europa Universalis IV. I liked it for the first hour, and I liked it for hour 999.
Hotline Miami 2, Cities: Skylines, Ori and The Blind Forest, Sid Meier's Starships, Citizen George, A New Reading From Graham Rowat, Your Emails and More! This week Shawn, Elysium and Allen are joined by GWJ Writer JR Ralls to talk about his new Kickstarter launch!
In my imaginary world, the one where I'm as famous as Sean Sands or Julian Murdoch, people come up to me and ask me questions. "Greg," they don't ask, "How do you do it?" "I'm sorry," I don't reply. "I wasn't aware it was yours." "No, not that. I can get a new sandwich.
Yes, yes, "the inmates are running the asylum," etc. Get your jokes out now. But let me say a couple things:
The very first The Week Ahead was published on January 13, 2003. It was the fourth post ever put on GWJ. Shawn wrote it -- this was before there was a Game of the Week -- and there was only one comment. It was from me, probably because this was a full day before we actually had even launched the site. That's how long this series of posts has been going on.
Sponsored By: OldMud Time Played: 51 minutes Arr! Review A re-released classic gets re-re-released on Steam, and surprise-surprise, it's worth-worth your time-time.