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Time Enough

The first text message read, “Ready the Swarm!” The second, immediately following, “Amon forces spotted on the Shakuras Plateaus!”

Bold Predictions 2015

One thing I can say for sure about last year's predictions, I gotta learn to trust my gut more. Despite the Steam Box announcements at CES mere days after my prediction, Valve's initiative failed to get off the ground in 2014 as I'd originally guessed.
Evolve Multiplayer Report, Our 2014 Bold Predictions Report Card, New 2015 Bold Predictions and more! This week Shawn, Elysium, Cory and Julian listen back to their 2014 predictions and boldly go forth and predict 2015!

Grey Skies

The first week of June is a marathon of well-wishes and triumph. It is a 120 hour statement of finality, punctuated by the kind of tears, hugs, and honesty that can only come about after great loss or achievement. This all happens in a space that was formerly a gathering point for Old Hollywood’s elite: a nightclub, turned dilapidated space, turned school theatre.
Well, at least it's not a total bust of a week again. This week we get a HD remix of Resident Evil on most platforms, a sequel to Blackguards on the PC, something called Citizens of Earth on the handheld systems and our game of the week, Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell.
Sponsored By: Antichulius Time played: Steam says 47 minutes, but it's more like twice that. Ibb review Puzzle platforming has never been this adorable while also being this hard! Obb review I first learned about Ibb and Obb when it was released on the Playstation 3. My kids insisted on watching the trailer over and over and over again.
One of the most common questions we get on the podcast has to do with how we manage video game time for ourselves and our kids. In general my advice is to know yourself and your kids, and to adapt to the situations you find yourself in. Where a rigid schedule works well with one family, a more fluid, flexible plan works for another.
Dungeon of The Endless, Oculus Games, Our Most Anticipated Games of 2015 and more! This week Shawn, Allen and Elysium talk about their most anticipated games of 2015!
Bayonetta 2

Eyes of Opposition

It was not at all surprising for me to find the Heavenly Host of Angels coming from On High to be the villains in Bayonetta. She is not only a witch, but a rather violent and provocative dominatrix — one whose very breath exhales promises of leather, lace, and handcuffs to the bedpost whilst administering the ball gag with a cheeky smile.