The fall season begins in earnest this week. I'm always a little amazed at how quickly I go from feeling like it's still summer to "It's definitely fall." Part of that is geography. As a denizen of the upper midwest, seasons change shockingly quickly, and you can go from literally feeling like it's the dead of winter to spring in the course of a weekend.
Time played: 68 minutes Warp Speed Review I AM TEN YEARS OLD AGAIN AND I AM BLOWING THE SNOT OUT OF SPACESHIPS! Brreeeaaaaaaooooowww! Pew pew pew! Vvvvvvrrrummmmmm! Pishoo! Pishoo! Babooocchhchchch! WHEEEEEE! Sub-Light Speed Review
Thanks to your donations in the 2013 donation drive we have once again brought some excellent writers together to do a brand new magazine! Great articles, an amazing cover by our own Kristin Sands and original comics by the ineffable Sway.
The Crew, Diablo III Patch, Xenoblade Chronicles, World of Warcraft, Harvest Moon, The State of The Industry, Your Emails and More! This week Sean Sands, Shawn Andrich and Kate Craig tackle the state of the game industry.
Nothing throws me off my game like a Monday holiday. Hey, did you know that The Sims 4 releases this week for the PC? No? Neither did I! Where did that thing come from?
PAXPrime 2014 is off and running! Monday, 1pm ------------------ From my own multiplayer adventures on Pandora, I knew my own Peter-Parker type "nxnwinaad" is just as good with a Hyperion Conference Call as she is with a camera. She attended the Inside Gearbox panel at 10:30am Sunday.
Sponsored by: Danopian Play Time (official Steam log): 98 minutes TL;DR Review Superfly Johnson appears to have crushed his skull in a door. You fail at life. Full Review
UPDATE: Server Info Right Here! Password is stan.
Kerbal Space Program Update, EU IV, Distant Worlds, Shadowgate, Five Nights at Freddy's, Genre Resurgences With Community Guest Tboon!, Your Emails and More! This week community podcast supporter Tboon joins us on the show!
There are some conversational topics I've just given up on when it comes to my parents or grandparents. One of them is on the topic of gore and whether it is "necessary" or not. Their stance is that film-makers rely on blood and violence too much — that it's only there for horrible people to gain any thrill out of.