Sponsored By: Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor (I sold all the cards I earned playing SoM and bought Not The Robots with the proceeds.) Time Played: 37 minutes, but in robot time that's enough Futon Review If a game has a loading screen telling you to go play the games that inspired the one you’re currently loading, I suggest you follow that advice. Sectional Review You know, I don’t really wan
World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor, Assassin's Creed Unity, A Smidgen of Dragon Age Inquisition, Funemployed Kickstarter, Common Game Design Weak Points, Your Emails and More! This week Rob Daviau joins the crew to launch the Funemployed Kickstarter and talk about weak points in game design.
Caution: This article will contain spoilers for Final Fantasy VII. I used to think I was so smart in middle school — so clever. I would insist certain games were only for idiots and smart people only played another type of title. I started to grow out of this mentality in high school, but it would take a long time before I truly understood what it meant to think critically.
You could spend a couple of hundred dollars on games this week and still not have picked up everything potentially worth playing off the new release list. Though Dragon Age: Inquisition is going to take the top spot on my list, and by extension the Game of the Week title, it's just scratching the surface of games released this week.
Sponsored By: DoubleFine Captain's Log: 69 minutes. (hurr hurr hurr he said log) Hyperspace Review Imagine The Sims and Evil Genius got married and decided to honeymoon with Virgin Galactic. It's a 4X dungeon-building personality-management simulator!

Gettin' Blizz-y With It

If I were cynical enough, I might choose to see the endless thanking of the community and attention paid to players by Blizzard throughout last weekend’s BlizzCon as a tactical decision used (to great effect) to build and maintain that brand loyalty that has kept the same millions of people buying Blizzard games for decades.
Legend of Grimrock II, Windlands (Oculus Rift), Leap Motion, Lord of The Fallen, Sunset Overdrive, Franchises That Span Genres, Your Emails and More! This week Julian, Cory and Allen talk about franchises that can span game genres.

To the Point

I watch Connor's knife sink into the wolf's flesh, silencing it with a muted yip. A red dot fades from the radar, but there are still six or seven more. Each indicates a wolf running in circles around me. I wait, completely relaxed, not at all worried, until the camera shifts and the game prompts me.
I am so very sorely tempted to make World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor the Game of the Week, because for me it very much is. I'm back on that WoW tip, as the kids apparently say if video game streamers and podcasts are to be trusted, which arguably they are not.
Sponsored By My loving wife of 9 years (anniversary present) Time played 9 hours (UR has been in touch with me about this policy violation) Inbox Zero Review Holy Tolkien-Conversion-Mod Batman! They took everything from the Arkham games (from stealth to combat to detective wraith mode) and made it a Middle Earth game!