February 15 - February 21

Nothing for me this week. I’m driving. Virtually, anyway. The Missus got me American Truck Simulator as a Valentine's day present. (I got her Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes, if you must know). Notable this week include the Xbox1 release of Rocket League, and a game called The Emerald Maiden: Symphony of Dreams, which appears to be BioShock reimagined by Popcap.
Have you ever Played FTL, after you lost all but one crew member, and found yourself in a pitched battle with pirates? Imagine being that lone crew member. That's Flight of the Icarus, only more so.

GWJ Conference Call Episode 487

XCOM 2, Rise of The Tomb Raider (PC), The Witness, How Pre-Release Coverage & Opinion Effects Our Games, Your Emails and More!

February 8 – February 14

I would be remiss if I didn’t at least give a shout-out to Nuts! The Battle of the Bulge for doing a serious history-nerd deep-cut by referencing General Anthony McAuliffe at Bastogne. Thumbs up, and if there weren’t already something I wanted this week, it may have been my pick. This week I’ll be continuing my streak of picking games that I’ve been anticipating for months.
A 3D Realms game that nobody likes? Sounds like a job for you-know-who.

GWJ Conference Call Episode 486

Tom Clancy's: The Division, The Witness, The Old Republic, Lots of Your Emails and More!

February 1 – February 7

Europe and California have at least two things in common: I've never been to either of them, and SCS Software has. All I really know about the west coast of the United States comes from a business trip to Oregon last year.
Birthday Cake

Rabbitcon #1: The Intervention

“I don’t really want to do anything,” was my reply. There’s perhaps no more telling question about an adult’s mental state than “What do you want to do for your Birthday?” I was turning 38. And if I’m honest, I was probably clinically depressed.
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PAX South 2016 On the Go

Before Sam Raimi, but slightly after Ed Wood, there was Dan Smith. And yes, I do think Ace missed a boat by not naming him Alan Smithee.