Have you ever discovered that you've been doing something the hard way for years? Not wrong, exactly. Just in a sub-optimal way. Like if you spent five years watering your lawn with plastic grocery bags because you didn't know about hoses. What if you actually enjoyed using plastic grocery bags? What if that was fun for you? Relaxing?

November 16 – November 22

Hey, look! Another Star Wars game that I will have the distinct pleasure of ignoring completely. Speaking of dead horses, It's not every day that one of mine gets resurrected after years of me beating it.
If you're like Sean and I, you didn't enough know Legacy of The Void had a whole coop component. Join us as we have marginal success at trying the new coop missions!
Yoshi’s Island is back! And this time he’s stolen Kirby’s Epic Yarn!

Final Donation Drive Update 2015

This is the final Donation Drive update now that all the Patreon October stuff has cleared and we got everyone tagged.

GWJ Conference Call Episode 474

Fallout 4, Call of Duty: Black Ops III, New PCs, Besiege, Viscera Cleanup Detail, Real Places, Your Emails and More!

GWJ Plays – Fallout 4

Join Shawn Andrich on a trek through Fallout 4! No major story or key area spoilers.

November 9 – November 15

I honestly thought this week would be easy. Fallout 4. Boom. Done. Then I went to vet the list and found a treasure trove of obscure weirdness. At least three games deserve my attention that are not made by Bethesda. Lovely Weather We’re Having is an interesting little nugget about a man who locked himself out of his house.
It's the Shadow of Four-Door.