After an absurdly long beta period in which I sometimes worked on the site, but mainly looked at it longingly while I pulled into work responsibilities, I’m incredibly excited to finally be launching our Drupal 7-based upgrade to the site. This wouldn't have been possible without Fredrik_S's design direction and Certis's guidance (and patience...

E3 Perspectives

Our hard-working writers don't all receive the Golden Ticket to appear on the Conference Call, let alone press passes to E3, but perhaps that provides them with a more down-to-earth perspective on all the hype – unless, perhaps, hype is more effective at ground level and vast distances away from the expo.
We've arrived at the ah-screw-it-let's-just-launch point of web design. Tonight we'll be migrating over to the new GWJ site design which means there will be a bit of downtime during the day as we make backups and again when we switch over. Will it be smooth? Maybe. Will there be a thousand things we decide to change after the fact? Probably.
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June 15 – June 21

Evidently my pick of the week is the Steam Summer Sale Meta-Game. I've never experienced the clicking of cows or cookies, so I am uncertain as to how those games managed to become addicting in their own right. What I know about this Meta-Game is that I'm not drawn to rapidly click on creatures, but am instead drawn to the promise of ever better equipment and ever bigger numbers.
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Hearts of Iron IV Press Event

As I saunter into the event room – an array of some twenty red computers set up in three sections and fresh coffee and drinks on the refreshment table – I feel remarkably centered and in-the-moment, considering that I had been up thirty-eight hours straight the day(s) before.
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June 8 – June 14

This week marks the deepest part of the release-list trench as we approach E3's continental shelf, so prepare yourself for either unlauded gems or the desperation of a sinking writer trying to find any hint of light at depths that seek to crush us.