GWJ Conference Call Episode 478

Fallout 4, Just Cause 3, Thea: The Awakening, Dr. Langeskov, The Tiger, and The Terribly Cursed Emerald: A Whirlwind Heist, Character Vs. Plot, Your Emails and More!

December 7 – December 13

In some ways, I like the sleepy, lazy weeks where the big publishers are either angrily thrashing their programmers with whips and chains to make the next release date, or are angrily yelling at programmers because the NPD numbers weren't as good as the people in finance said they were going to be a year and a half ago. I love a good triple-A release, but there's something undeniably scr

GWJ Plays Thea: The Awakening

Join the Army! See the world! Fight the evil televisions bent on world domination!

GWJ Plays Just Cause 3

GWJ Conference Call Episode 477

Fallout 4, Until Dawn, HoTS, Holiday Game Playing, Your Emails and More!
The thing to understand about me is that I love Westerns. I've loved Westerns ever since I was a little baby and my father got me to stop fussing by putting on a late-night television show called John Wayne Presents. While I can't hold a candle to my father's fandom of the Duke, I have a fair stash of John Wayne DVDs on the shelf.
Just Cause 3

November 30 – December 6

You might say your favourite meal is a turkey dinner with all the trimmings, but how often do you get to eat it? What you’re actually built from is the ninja-vegetable bolognaise that your mom produced by the vatload on Sundays, then re-presented to you every day until about Thursday.
I'd like to begin this review with a quote from Gomez Addams: "I have seen evil! I have seen horror! I have seen the unholy maggots that feast in the dark recesses of the human soul! I have seen all this, but until today I have never, 100% Orange Juice, seen you!" 100% Orange Juice is the most impenetrable, bizarre thing I have played.

GWJ Conference Call Episode 476

Overwatch Beta, Star Wars: Battlefront, Fallout 4, Five Tribes, Your Emails and More!