GWJ Conference Call Episode 483

Punch Club, Tales From The Borderlands, Grim Dawn, Underrail, The Room, Grey Goo, A Look Back on Our 2015 Predictions and our Bold 2016 Predictions!
Oh my gosh! It’s happened! It’s finally happened! We’ve been talking about it for years, but it’s actually happened! The One Game. The last one. The singularity is here! It’s an open-world, procedurally generated RTS with crafting, a day-night cycle where the monsters come out at night, and RPG-like character level progression.
Sponsored By: Myself, but this review inspired by Felix Threepaper Time Played: Around an hour Shave and a haircut review Man, how about them Vault-Tech razor blades, huh? Two bits review Beep beep beep. Gruoammnk. Huh? Beep beep beep.

GWJ Conference Call Episode 482

The Crew Chimes in on Their Most Anticipated Games of 2016!
Rocket League

GWJ Community 2015 Game Of The Year

Thank you so much to everyone who voted. Here are your results!
My gosh! It’s full of commerce!

The Church of Cinema

The movie theater is one of my special places. It is sacrosanct, a place that holds power for me.

GWJ Conference Call Episode 481

The Winner of The Zudz Contest Gets The Rowat Treatment, The Second Half of Our Games of 2015 and More!
SteamWorld Heist

SteamWorld Heist

The odds never seem to be in my favor with tactical combat games. Or rather, I do not perceive the odds to be in my favor. Going all the way back to Final Fantasy Tactics on the PlayStation, if there was ever a five-percent chance for my well-positioned killing blow to miss, then my target would no doubt raise their shield and block the strike.