GWJ Conference Call Episode 466

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September 14 – September 20

Hey, a Forza game! Time to awaken the Game King with some sort of setup question like, "Is this game any good?" or, "What makes the Forza series different from other racing games, like Skylanders: Superchargers?
Hmm. I'm someplace I don't recognize after events I don't remember, trying to get somewhere I don't quite understand. Better combine this chicken space chicken with a pulley space pulley, just in case!

GWJ Conference Call Episode 465

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I should preface this by saying that I've never played a Godzilla game, nor have I seen a Godzilla movie. Oh, I've been party to many facsimiles. I played the crap out of Rampage in the arcade, and my younger cousin got me into Power Rangers for about a season, even though I was well out of the age demographic for the show.

GWJ Conference Call Episode 464

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Godzilla: The Game

Smashing the System

MEtal Gear and Nobunaga's Ambition NES

August 31 – September 6

This week's apparent faves both come from Japanese series that began in the 1980s. Now, as the owner of a functioning Walkman, I appreciate when something can last that long in our digital age, but I only have the Walkman because that was the easiest way to keep up with my live sportsball addiction while riding the bus.