When I was a lad, my parents would take me to the Mohawk Mall and go check out the sales at Bradlees. What was a twelve-year-old boy, flush with his weekly allowance, to do? Why, hit the Dream Machine video arcade, of course. The Dream Machine isn't there anymore. Neither is the Mohawk Mall.
Dress Code

Dress Code

I sit down for lunch in the office cafeteria. After throwing back my sandwich, I pull my New Nintendo 3DS XL out of my pocket, turn the volume down, crack open the lid and resume my current battle in Fire Emblem: Fates. Every so often, someone new enters the cafeteria, and I stiffen slightly.
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With VR dropping this week, you'd think it would be a prime opportunity for some conniving jerk like yours truly to do an April Fools joke about Half-Life 3 releasing as a Vive exclusive. I'm sure someone else will. That joke is the village bicycle at this point. Besides, who needs April Fools jokes when Tabletopia is coming out?
Did anyone but me play the 2D platformer version of Portal? It was a free Flash game. I played it back when I had a job that let me have breaks and didn't block any website that had the word “game” somewhere on the page. Crushing corporate IT policies aside, Defy Gravity reminds me of that Flash version of Portal.
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This week marks the return of my very favorite point-and-click adventure game series. After too long an absence, Samorost returns for a third installment. I first played the original Samorost way back in 2003 when I had a job that involved lots of free time and an unrestricted internet connection.
A roguelIke? With a gimmick? The devil, you say!
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I Do Not Get to Like Tie Fighter

I’ve got more games than I need, but I still find myself checking the Humble Bundles. Every now and then I see something that is worth a few bucks just to have the (very theoretical) ability to play an old favorite of mine that I sold in some long forgotten garage sale.