April 25 – May 1

Can a game force itself to be a streaming sensation by design? #KILLALLZOMBIES aims to find out by taking an otherwise unremarkable dual-stick shooter and allowing Twitch commenters to alter the player’s experience via chat. I'm sure that will end well. My pick this week goes to a different game that integrates Twitch user feedback.
PAXEast 2016 On The Go - Welcome to PAX!

PAX East 2016 On-The-Go

And we're under way at PAXEast 2016! This one's going to be a little different. I'm not actually on-site this year. However, we have our very own DominicKnight in the Press Room, and Greg "doubtingthomas396" Decker and Julian "Rabbit" Murdoch out there in the wilds with a bunch of the GWJ gang.
Dateline: Fartsburg. Mayor DoubtingThomas is about to deliver his first State of the City speech. Afterward, stay tuned as we interview particularly photogenic members of the audience who have been pre-screened by our editorial department to make certain nobody says anything we don't want you to agree with. … What do you mean, "That mic is hot"?

The Unmarked – Chapter 4

This week Cory and the gang delve deeper into Chet's new abilities and things go ... not so great.

GWJ Conference Call Episode 497

Overwatch Beta, Overlooking Battleborn, Crashlands, The Survival Game Loop, Your Emails and More!

April 18 – April 24

This week I'm playing “Beat Pneumonia By PAX East 2016.” I haven't been able to go to PAX since 2009, and I'll be damned if I’m going to let a little fluid in my lungs keep me out this year, when I actually have tickets and my wife made me an awesome T-shirt so that you fine folks can recognize me. If you spot me, swing on by and say hello.
Sponsored By: Blame it on Strangeblades, even though I bought it myself Time Played: 65 minutes, in 30 second increments Skull Review Forget epilepsy warnings, this game should have a panic-attack warning.

GWJ Conference Call Episode 496

Dark Souls III, Hitman, Paragon, Epi Story, Maker Spaces, Playstation VR, Sean McKenna Visits Rezzed, Your Emails and More!

Expanding the Couch

Everyone in the room winces, hisses, or sighs as Saddler – predictably – kills Luis in front of Leon's eyes. The villain's hand clasps around the sample of Capcom's latest fictional infection just before our hero can obtain it. We had a feeling Luis wouldn't live to see the end credits, but we had at least hoped his end would be a bit more ... dignified. "The sample ...