Time played: 112 minutes Sponsored by: Me.56k review Red-headed heroine with a sword that lets her hack the environment, and a raft of powerups based on computer programming tools, goes on an epic adventure to save her world from a mysterious and dangerous enemy.

Donation Drive Update

Thank you to everyone who has donated this year so far in our annual donation drive. It’s impossible to say how much we appreciate it, but know that if we were to quantify that appreciation into a specific number it would be very large and probably best expressed in scientific notation.
Defense Grid 2, The Hunter French Alps Update, Infinite Crisis Major Update, Answering Your Twitter Questions, Your Emails and More! This week Sean Sands and Julian Murdoch hold down the fort! They also get caught up on emails and answer your tweets.

Games That Ruin Other Games

When it comes to discussing issues in a timely fashion, I'm as topical as a tube of Tiger Balm.
There's no two ways about it: Whatever I pick for the Game of the Week this week, you can make a completely reasonable and legitimate argument that I'm wrong. Someone is getting, as they say, robbed. Possibly this is true every week, but this time around I'm definitely feeling it.
Time Played: 99 minutes (official Steam log) Sponsored by: Bonus Eruptus [strong]850 PSI review[/strong] A steampunk, platforming, action shooter with the worst voice acting since [em]House of the Dead 2[/em] that cannot make up its mind about whether it wants to be any good or not.

Achievement Gap

One of my favorite additions to games over the past decade has been the introduction of achievements. I know this is a point of some contention, and there are camps of varying stridency on the topic, but I find myself fixed firmly in the camp of people who get a little rush whenever one of those little notifications pops up.
Wasteland 2, League of Legends e-sports Update, The D&D Monster Manual, Dealing With Loss in Games, Your Emails and More! This week Julian, Allen and Elysium talk about loss in games. Sorry in advance for Allen's audio track, gremlins got it.
Halfway through the drive and we're continuing apace quite nicely so far! Very close to unlocking custom icons for some lucky winners and then a hop, skip and a jump away from forcing Julian to write something deep and meaningful about something ridiculous.
Today marks the beginning of autumn in the Northern Hemisphere of the world, which means the games industry is preparing to shift gears and ignore all sensibilities in a desperate effort to just rush through an endless onslaught of releases. This week, however, the industry remains in first gear.