Idly reading through my feed while a script was running last week, I saw a tweet from a good friend with a link and the text saying something along the lines of "here's the real letter that inspired today's Penny Arcade comic." I'm not one to leave something like that lying around, so I went and read the letter and the comments that were then appended to it.
Sponsored by: Me Time Played: 72 minutes Love 'Em and Leave 'Em review All Hell's breaking loose in Detroit Rock City, and Shannon Tweed has to protect her All-American man from all the good girls gone bad screaming "Come On And Love Me!" So saddle up in this surprisingly not-terrible Plants Vs.


The news around Kickstarted games has not been particularly great of late. There was the story yesterday that Ouya was backing down from its promise to create a limited run of blue consoles for people who backed the Reading Rainbow project at a certain level.
Offworld Trading Company, Darkest Dungeon, Dying Light, Battlefield Hardline, Idarb, Special Guest Soren Johnson, Designing Non-Violent Games, Your Emails and more! This week the GWJ crew are joined by Soren Johnson to talk Offworld Trading Company and more!
Simpsons ze goggles

The Goggles, They Do Something

Ben isn’t a video-gamer. Oh, he’s a gamer: I’ve never seen a board game that Ben couldn’t dominate after thirty minutes of playing, he is wicked good at laser tag, and we still tell stories about “The Grom” from a tabletop RPG we last played eight years ago. And he’s usually up for anything.
I don't want to go off on a rant here, but ...
Sponsored By: Humble Bundle Eye Candy 2 Time Played: 29 minutes Puppetoons review Imagine playing a Ray Harryhausen movie, if you remember those. For those not aware, that means pre-CG visual effects. Yeah. 20 Million Miles To Earth review In my misinformed youth, my dream was to become a practical special effects worker at Industrial Light and Magic.
Dying Light, Life is Strange Episode 1, Projects Cars, Your Emails and more! This week Shawn, Cory, Rob Zacny and Elysium talk games and lots of your emails!
This week indie-dev Alien Trap Games brings Apotheon to the PC and PS4 and lands the not-at-all-coveted Game of the Week honors. Apotheon is a side-scroller, 2D, action-RPG that sports a very cool art aesthetic.
Time Played: 56 minutes. The rest was just idling it for cards. Sponsored by: CatPhoenix (get it?!) Rattus review Aptly titled rodent-themed puzzle game didn't quite give me the bubonic plague, but that's only because that plague was actually carried by the fleas on the rats, not the rats themselves.