October 20 - October 26

I'm really not sure what to make of Beyond Earth. I think I still feel a little burned from when Firaxis released a revamp of Colonization, and I ended up playing it for about 15 minutes.
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I’ve heard a lot of praise recently for Shadow of Mordor, a stealth-action game set in Tolkien's Middle Earth. In general, I think the praise is mostly well-deserved, and the game delivers a satisfying experience. It’s just that, with some six or seven hours played, I’m done with it.
Forza Horizon 2, Alien Isolation, Shadow of Mordor, Get Off My Lawn, Your Emails and More! This week Shawn, Elysium and Julian tell you to get off their lawn.
The sun is setting earlier in the day, trees exchange their illustrious emerald leaves in exchange for crinkling amber, and the temperature gradually begins to fall. Autumn is coming out in full, and with it comes the annual Extra Life gaming charity.
The Evil Within

October 13 - October 19

The number-one cause of my playing Destiny regularly can be boiled down to two primary causes: my roommate, and the need to relieve all the stress built up from playing Alien: Isolation. 'Tis the season, I suppose, what with being October and all.
Time Played: Around 3 hours (JRPGs deserve their own time scale) Sponsored By: Me Volatile Review What if I told you that a JRPG featuring school girls could be educational? What if I told you it could be educational in a child-friendly way? Well get your mind out of the gutter and believe it, because the science club is here to save the world! Noble Review
This will be the next to last update for the donation drive, and the final one before the drive ends tomorrow night at midnight. That means there's currently some 36 hours left in this donation drive before we return to your previously scheduled programming. As of earlier today we crossed the latest drive goal of an original written and performed Meeples song. I'm sorry in advance.
Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor, Card Dungeon, Live D&D, Civilization: Beyond Earth, Final Donation Drive Update!, Getting Away With Lifting Design Ideas, Your Emails and More! This week Shawn and Julian are joined by JP Grant and the Editor in Chief of Escapist Magazine Greg Tito!

October 6 - October 12

Every indication so far is that Alien: Isolation isn't a bad game, but neither is it the savior of the franchise that many might have hoped. Reviews, so far, have been pretty mixed, with it definitely clicking nicely with some reviewers more than others.