One of the most common questions we get on the podcast has to do with how we manage video game time for ourselves and our kids. In general my advice is to know yourself and your kids, and to adapt to the situations you find yourself in. Where a rigid schedule works well with one family, a more fluid, flexible plan works for another.
Dungeon of The Endless, Oculus Games, Our Most Anticipated Games of 2015 and more! This week Shawn, Allen and Elysium talk about their most anticipated games of 2015!
Bayonetta 2

Eyes of Opposition

It was not at all surprising for me to find the Heavenly Host of Angels coming from On High to be the villains in Bayonetta. She is not only a witch, but a rather violent and provocative dominatrix — one whose very breath exhales promises of leather, lace, and handcuffs to the bedpost whilst administering the ball gag with a cheeky smile.
Rolling a 2D8 for our Game of the Week this week and we get ... Gunslugs 2. Developed by Orange Pixel, Gunslugs 2 is — I'm assuming — a followup to a previously released game, likely of the same name. Like a lot of indie titles these days, Gunslugs 2 is a love-letter to video games of 20 years ago, with an 8-bit feel in both looks and gameplay.
Sponsored By: Danopian the Manopian Time played: 89 minutes Hollow Review Happy New Year! Let's kick 2015 off by stepping out of our comfort zones and trying something completely new. After that, we can towel off and play some Dark Souls!

Living in the Fringe

I’ve always thought of myself as a mainstream gamer. I don’t mean that I’m the demographic picture of your typical gamer — 42 years-old, with a mortgage, 2 kids, a heart condition and a job in marketing might not be, exactly, prototypical — I mean that when it comes to my gaming predilections, I trend toward the stock-standard AAA titles.
Live from Winter rabbitcon 2015! Boardgames, Oculus Rift Stuff, Video Game Stuff and more! Live from rabbitcon 2015!
Before we begin, a quick reminder about how things work around here. Each year, we poll our community members for their favorite games of the year, but instead of limiting it to just what released that year, we open it up to any game that was new to you.
It won't be worth saying week after week, so until further notice just be prepared to be disappointed by the weekly release list.
Our Favorite Games and Experiences of 2014 With Special Guests! Julian Murdoch, Cory Banks, Chris Cesarano, Jeff Cannata, Greg Decker, Kate Craig and Ken Levine! This week Shawn is joined by special guests to talk about their favorite games of 2014!