GWJ at PAX East 2015!

Hi everyone! Just a quick note for all our buds going to PAX East this weekend. We've got two official GWJ things you're going to want to know about!
In case you missed the awesome news, former GWJ writer and friend to all Lara Crigger has launched an awesome new podcast called The Heroine's Journey! I'll let Lara explain what it's all about:

March 2 – March 8

We find ourselves with another week of a lot of games on the list, and no obvious picks, to me at least, for Game of the Week. The thing is, inevitably some game out of this list that I'd never heard of prior will eke out its own little following and gather momentum.
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I hear people say fairly often, “I never buy Early Access games, I prefer to spend my money on finished products.” Disregarding for the moment that I’ve played very few games I’d consider truly “finished products” at launch lately, I actually don’t really have much objection to this argument.
XCOM The Boardgame, Sunless Sea, Darkest Dungeon, Heroes of The Storm, Offworld Trading Company, Diablo III Season 2 Update, Special Guests David Heron and Michael Zenke, Games As Service, Your Emails and more! This week David Heron and Michael Zenke join Sean and Allen talk about games as service.
Way back in the mists of pre-history, when you got a game, you got your box, with a floppy or disk and maybe a manual or a feelie. Whatever was in that box was what you got, at least until the sequel (or your buddy with some hex-editing skills) came along.

February 23 – March 1

I have incredibly fond memories of Homeworld. I don't think any game before or since has described a vast emptiness and loneliness of space in quite the same way. Aside from simply being an excellent RTS, Homeworld had a personality and aesthetic to it that only served to enhance and strangely personalize the gameplay.
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I’ve never watched the 5th season of Babylon 5. I’m told that this was a wise decision.