The Case for Social

A few weeks ago I was presenting at a speaking engagement as part of my job. Part of my presentation talked about social media. After the event, one of the audience members approached me, and pointed out how much they didn’t like social platforms. As it happened, the amount of how much this person didn’t like social platform was "a lot."
Wolfenstein: The Old Blood, Order of Battle: Pacific, Guarding Your Heart Against Cynicism and Enjoying Games More, Your Emails and More! This week Julian, Sean Sands and Shawn talk about how to guard your heart against cynicism.
Toren; Hegemony Rome Rise of Caesar; Stealth Inc.

May 11 – May 17

My first impulse this week was to just shrug it off as a loss and pick the re-re-release of Final Fantasy X/X-2. We've long established that I'm a AAA vacuum that is "what's wrong with this industry", after all.
Sponsored by: Me on the PC, PS+ on the PS4 (which means me again). Time Played: around 90 minutes between the PS4 and the PC Limiter Review I feel a certain amount of atonement is necessary. The last time I put Transistor in the title of a review, it was a joke and, judging by the response, not a very funny one.
RimWorld, Axiom Verge, Kerbal 1.0, Marvel Heroes 2015, Early Access Squatting, Your Emails and More! This week Sean Sands, Cory Banks and Allen Cook talk Early Access.

Game Faces

I slide the truck into an open spot and put it in park. I sit for a moment while the podcaster finishes speaking, because I am Greg – and Greg has a hard time interrupting people. The voice finishes. I stop the playback, disconnect the iPhone and turn off the truck. Through my windshield, I see the squat, two-story building that holds my work stuff. Time to change.
There are no easy choices this week. The industry didn't make it easy. I was hoping, for example, that there would only be two releases for the PS4. That way I could have said, "This week I'm picking the game that was released on PS4." And everyone could ask, "Which game on PS4?" And I could reply, "Oh, Ether One." Yes, I did work hard for that joke.
Sponsored By: Aristophan Labor bill: 99 minutes, but we don't bill you for estimates. Estimate Customer reports no knowledge of how cars work at all.