The Witcher 3, Pillars of Eternity, Ronin, Race The Sun, Twentys, NPC Relationships, Your Emails and More! This week Cory, Allen, Shawn and Julian talk about some of their favorite NPC relationships.
Star Coin from Super Mario Bros.

Face Values

Have you ever read a review where someone claims a game isn't worth $60? Have you been on a forum where everyone seems to think this game you enjoy doesn't have enough content to justify the price tag? Have you been in disagreement? I don't think I'm unique in facing such a predicament.
I'm writing this at quarter to ten on Sunday night. I was all set to write this week off until I saw updated release list after my kids went to bed. The result was... Still a bit underwhelming, but much better than it was when I got up this morning.
Time Played: 45 minutes Sponsored By: Chaz Pixel Review Do you like blocky, pseudo-retro art design? Do you like half-baked first person shooters? Do you like levels that erase themselves as you play, so backing up causes you to fall to your death? Then don't play Dead Bits, because it has all those things and it's terrible!

Gaming in the Gaps

It is interesting to me that in this age of graphical fidelity where it is possible to create, in great detail, a nuanced, fully-fleshed world that a player can delve into, that with greater frequency I find myself drawn to games that tell the story of a world in many ways through abstraction.
The Witcher 3,, Tribes Ascend Dead?, Galactic Civilizations III, Your Emails and More! This week Shawn, Elysium, Julian and Allen talk Witcher 3 and get caught up on your emails!

Rising To It

"You play these things for fun, right?" That was a question I heard a lot as a kid – usually after I had spent some time growling and groaning at a particularly challenging level. The question was one of those not-a-questions that parents ask when they want their kids to change their behavior. Unspoken in that question is "calm down. It's only a game."
This week puts me in mind of Zero Mostel. There's Something for Everyone! WiiUsers get the first major first-party release in ages, with a new IP even! Fighting game fans get two, count 'em, two new fighting games.
Sponsored By: Onion Bubs Time Played: 59 minutes, plus commercials. The Kid Review Welcome to another installment of Too Long; Didn't Play, where our motto is "Late to the party, and going home early." Today we're here with The Narrator and The Kid for an exclusive interview about life, destruction, and federal regulations. I'm your host, Pinta Winkles.
Invisible Inc., Ziggurat, GoatZ, Tower of Guns, Our Default Approach to Learning New Games, Your Emails and More! This week Julian, Elysium, Allen and Shawn talk about their default approaches to learning new games.