Original Kill the Plumber

December 28 – January 1

Hey, there's a game out this week! I played the whole Kongregate version … for research. The game is OK! The final level mostly relies on memorizing the pattern, but that's only one level.
Welcome to the final TL;DP review of 2015! This week we wrap up Doublefine December with my unpatented take on Grim Fandango. Hey, go big or go home, right?
Civ V Picasso

Peace On Earth – Can It Be?

The camera zooms in on an exhausted looking Napoleon Bonaparte. Instead of his usual subdued suit, he wears the dress uniform of the Grande Armée. People of France! Like you, I am stunned and heartbroken at the unprovoked attack upon our nation. I know many of you fear that this new darkness will consume first Paris and then the world.

Star Wars The Force Awakens Spoiler Section

Star Wars The Force Awakens Spoiler Section

GWJ Conference Call Episode 480

Fibbage 2, Rocket League Hockey, Badland 2, Kerbal, Elite Dangerous, Uncharted 3, Julian's Games of 2015 Picks, Your Emails and More!

Actually, Jeeves

'The modern young man ... is a congenital idiot and wants a nurse to lead him by the hand and some strong attendant to kick him regularly at intervals of a quarter of an hour.' -- Aunt Dahlia (PG Wodehouse)
It's wafer thin!

December 21– December 27

Look: Yes, there are more games available this week. Maybe one or two are even games that some niche audiences have been really looking forward to. (And if that's you, then dig in!

Her Story Spoiler Section

Her Story Spoiler Section
Welcome back to Double Fine December! Every year I use up my supply of D’s by going alliterative for the end of Q4. I have to do that, or finance won’t allot me enough D’s for the next fiscal year and I have to start substituting letters like a novice ventriloquist. Anyway, enjoy week three’s installment: Massive Chalice.

GWJ Conference Call Episode 479

Project Gorgon, Else Heart.Break, Who's Your Daddy, Her Story, Witcher 3: Heart of Stone, The First Half of Our Games of 2015 Picks, Your Emails and More!