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October 12 – October 18

Ubisoft takes a break from making games where you play some guy who kills a lot of people (and occasionally climbs a tower) to make a game where all of the people are already dead, so you just climb a tower. No, it's not an original joke, but it's still a good one and it bears repeating.
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It’s been three weeks since we launched the 2015 Donation Drive that transitioned from 12 years of using PayPal to the new Patreon model -- As I write this we currently have an amazing 444 GWJers helping to support the community, the site, the podcast and the many people who play a part in this whole endeavor.
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The biggest hitters this week combine to make me exceedingly excited about going off on a tangent. You might not be aware of this, but there is a band named The Cybertronic Spree which perfoms in full Transformers: The Movie cosplay. Let me say this: You haven't seen "The Touch" performed until you've seen it sung by Hot Rod and Arcee.
The very first thing I'm not going to do is get sucked into a discussion about whether this is a game. I'm sure even thinking the question makes me a horrible person and I promise that as soon as I'm done writing this I'll beat myself with chains and turn my hair-shirt inside out. Steam calls it a game.
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Rocket League Ball and Fans

Herman's Last Game

The familiar hiss-thump of the letter tube signals that a bit of mail has arrived. Miss Pokey scurries from the kitchen, where she'd been preparing some kibble for lunch, to the mail tube. The hatch opens and inside is a letter. Miss Pokey can hear her mother in the next room slow down on the spinning wheel.