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GWJ Conference Call Episode 566

Nidhogg 2, Hellblade, Love Nikki Dress Up Queen, Legends of Ellaria, Tacoma, Splatoon 2, Overwatch Summer, How Games (and we) Have Changed, Your Emails and More!

August 14 – August 20

The makers of Saints Row have sparked outrage by making a single-player, class-based shooter that is not Saints Row 5.
Spoiler alert: Greg doesn’t like a multiplayer game.

Video: Path of Exile

GWJ Conference Call Episode 565

Tacoma, Pyre, Battle Brothers, Path of Exiles, The Long Dark: Wintermute, Dehumanizing NPCs, Your Emails and More!
I share a house with a seven year old and a ten year old, which means that toilet humor is a regular staple of my comedy diet. Of course, it was a regular staple of my comedy diet before they moved in, so it's totally unfair of me to dump this on them. It would be like blaming my wife for my love of puns. She's not an enabler; she's an audience.
Imagine if Mass Effect were set in Hyrule, and there were no enemies to fight or party members to manage. Can you imagine not buying it? I bet you can't. That's good, because “not buying Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles” is something that should only exist in your imagination, if at all.

GWJ Conference Call Episode 564

Vostok Inc, Gorn, Super Hot VR, Pyre, Law Breakers, Splatoon 2, Miitopia, The State of VR, Your Emails and More!

July 31 – August 6

  Amoebic I’m pretty stoked for Tacoma, friends. Exploring games and literature to delve into other people’s memories, relationships and stories is my entire jam right now. This highly-anticipated release from Fullbright, the creators of critically-acclaimed Gone Home, is no exception. Tacoma is one of those games I knew I should approach with a blackout.