GWJ Conference Call Episode 505

Mirror's Edge Catalyst, Hearts of Iron IV, Amanda on The Oculus (Chronos, Incell), Witcher 3: Blood and Wine, Tweet Questions, Your Emails and More!
The Unmarked

The Unmarked – Chapter 8

Welcome to The Unmarked, an episodic collaborative storytelling RPG made possible by our Patreon subscribers! Join Game Master Rob Daviau as he takes Sean Sands, Shawn Andrich, Karla Andrich, Cory Banks and Julian Murdoch into the small town of Coffeyville, Kansas. This week the crew deals with the aftermath of facing off with the police and what to do with a dead clown.

June 13 – June 19

Most notable this week is the release of the first VR Crime simulator. Kingspray: Graffiti Simulator tags its merry way onto the HTC Vive.

Uncharted 4 Spoiler Section

Uncharted 4 Spoiler Section With Shawn and Lara!
Do you like character action games for the story? Me neither. That’s why I’m really digging Mitsurugi Kamui Hikae

GWJ Conference Call Episode 504

Mirror's Edge Catalyst, Uncharted 4, Seafall, Tales of Zestiria, Deadly Tower of Monsters, Set and Setting: How Games Draw Us in With Details and Language, Your Emails and More!
There are a lot of reasons why I shouldn't like The Division. Its relative popularity, contrary to the reputation I've so carefully cultivated, is the least of them. The big reason I shouldn't like The Division is summed up in two words: online multiplayer. I've gotten around that one by playing solo.

June 6 – June 12

Hey there everyone! This is Greg “Doubtingthomas” Decker, and I’m here to bring you the top five hottest games coming at you this week. We’ve got a new release from Dejobaan, a Triple A game and a couple of games that only a wacky, morning-zoo-type DeeJay like yours truly could love. And I’ll be bringing them to you – right here on WGWJ, the Gooooodge!
Have you ever opened a Christmas present and found out it was exactly what you wanted? In fact, not only was it everything you wanted but it threw in some other great stuff you didn't know you wanted until you had it sitting before you? That's Doom (2016).

GWJ Conference Call Episode 503

DOOM, Captain Forever Remix (Full Launch!), The Long Dark, Total War: Warhammer, Overwatch, The Game Streaming Revolution (With Julian's Son), Your Emails and More!