GWJ Conference Call Episode 528

Dishonored 2, Tyranny, STEEP Open Beta, Planet Coaster, Google Earth VR, Overwatch Updates, Creating a Sense of Wonder, Your Emails and More!

The Unmarked - Chapter 16

Welcome to The Unmarked, an episodic collaborative storytelling RPG made possible by our Patreon subscribers! Join Game Master Rob Daviau as he takes Sean Sands, Shawn Andrich, Karla Andrich, Cory Banks and Julian Murdoch into the small town of Coffeyville, Kansas. This week things come into focus.
Horde of 2d Visigoths threatening your castle in VR game Longbow

VR: It Still Takes A Village

November 21 – November 27

And so it seems the fourth quarter comes to a close, not with a bang, but with a handful of games that nobody had on their radar. Oh well, there’s always the pile. But wait, what’s this? A Magical High School Girl? Surely that must be a visual novel or … no, it’s a roguelike with a procedurally-generated magic system.
Raise your hand if you played Towering Inferno on the Atari 2600.

GWJ Conference Call Episode 527

This week Sean Sands and Julian talk about playing in an evil world in video games. Can't imagine why ...
Battlefield 1 - "Strong Competition"

Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story

German battle cries and the pounding of artillery let me know the enemy are coming. An officer tells me to hold the line, and by God I will. The Harlem Hellfighters never lost a trench in the real Great War, and I don’t plan to break that winning streak in the virtual one. I keep firing until I run out of bullets, but more enemy soldiers keep streaming in.
Watch_Dogs 2

November 14 - November 20

This month is officially Movember on TL;DP. I will be playing games with prominent soup-strainers to raise awareness for prostate cancer and other men's health issues. If you're of a mind, and can spare a few dollars, why not head on over and help spread the health? This week, let's do the time warp and head back to the peak, or nadir, of mustaches; the 1970s.

GWJ Conference Call Episode 526

Civilization VI, Titanfall 2, Paladins, Blizzcon 2016, Peak Stress Gaming, Your Emails and More!