I'm not usually much of an early adopter, by gamer standards. I've purchased only one game within a week of launch this year – and that was partly because Stellaris launched at $40 and was on sale. But Pokémon GO was easy.

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July 25 – July 31

Somebody must have been reading last week, because now there are almost too many interesting things for me to choose from. After much painful editing involving my keyboard and a pair of hot pliers, I’ve picked two to share with you. Quadrilateral Cowboy puts you in the role of a mercenary computer hacker from the early 1990s.
How does a game make you care about the fate of a blank Puddle of physics-based liquid with no dialog and no anthropomorphization? Damned it I know, but Puddle pulled it off.

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July 18 – July 24

You know it's a thin week when I'm thinking hard about choosing a VR game. Mageworks looks like it might be interesting. It's a mage sim where you create your own spells and craft your own staff.
Soren Johnson made a real-time strategy game that is four parts base-building and resource-gathering and zero parts unit-management. He is my new favorite person.

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The Unmarked

The Unmarked – Chapter 10

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July 11 – July 17

With that raptor game I picked last week getting pushed out to this week, and probably next week and the week after, if I’m any good at recognizing patterns, I could take the lazy way out and just pick that one again. This week, though, I’m going to take things in a different direction. I like whimsy, and childlike things. Not childish; childlike. There is a difference.