The Unmarked – Chapter 11

Welcome to The Unmarked, an episodic collaborative storytelling RPG made possible by our Patreon subscribers! Join Game Master Rob Daviau as he takes Sean Sands, Shawn Andrich, Karla Andrich, Cory Banks and Julian Murdoch into the small town of Coffeyville, Kansas. This week we go deeper ... in more ways than one!

August 22 – August 28

Have you been looking for a chance to get more involved with the GamersWithJobs community? Do you have a multiplayer game you've been itching to play but haven't the crowd to play it? Would you like to use your time gaming in the name of something good? Lucky for you, GamersWithJobs is looking for folks to join the Extra Life team for 2016!
This game needs an arcade cabinet and a fight stick. It wouldn’t improve my game, but at least I would look cool while being terrible at it.

GWJ Conference Call Episode 514

No Man's Sky, Kingdom: New Lands, Overcooked, Tricky Towers, DOTA 2 International Tourney VR, Abzu, Do We Want To Play in Simulated Worlds? , Your Emails and More!
The Burning Legion art

For Azeroth!

August 15 – August 21

Hi everybody! /drnick You all are used to me writing about Duke Nukem Forever. Well, Chris "C" Cesarano decided that everybody should hear me talking about it too. Better yet, Chris wanted to talk about it with me! We spent forty five minutes playing Duke Nukem Forever for your amusement. It's our first try, so forgive the fact that we didn't identify ourselves.
Do you remember playing GI Joe or Transformers during recess? So does Gearbox, and they brought that experience to a game system near you!

GWJ Conference Call Episode 513

Live From Gencon 2016!