The Week Ahead, Jan 22, 2018

January 22 – January 28

The influence of Monster Hunter in Japan is difficult to overstate. It single-handedly kept the PSP afloat against the 3DS and has been rivaled in sales only by juggernauts like Pokémon and Dragon Quest. The Monster Hunter series is praised for its meaty combat, hugely varied weapon classes, and supremely satisfying player progression systems.
Hello again, fearless readers! Welcome back to Too Long, Didn’t Play, The Movie, a bit of non-interactive fiction that I’m doling out in hour-long increments every week. Last week Thomas narrowly escaped being mistaken for a high value target by Mondo Zappa, but at least he wasn’t somebody’s lunch in the Northern Undead Asylum. This week he encounters somebody new, but familiar and bald.

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GWJ Conference Call Episode 588

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Heroes of The Realm - Episode 7

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A Better Lens

People with an overabundance of self esteem are referred to as narcissists, after Narcissus, the son of the Greek river god Cephissus. Apparently, and perhaps understandably, there were no gods or godly offspring who had a low enough opinion of themselves to lend their name to the opposite condition. I’ve struggled with low self-esteem for the majority of my life.

January 15 – January 21

Every time I look at the list, I misread Full Metal Furies as Full Metal Furries, which would probably be a very different game. As it stands, fine folks at Cellar Door have decided to follow up Rogue Legacy with an action/brawler RPG with a heavy emphasis on co-op.
Welcome to chapter two of the fictional experiment I call Too Long; Didn’t Play: The Movie! Every week in 2018, I will be telling you a story about a hapless gamer caught in games he may or may not have heard of. Will he escape? Will we find out what’s going on? You’ll have to read on to find out. Last week, our protagonist escaped the dungeon in Dark Souls.

Bold Predictions 2018

It's bold predictions time once again!

GWJ Conference Call Episode 587

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