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Sponsored By: Mr. Rojan Time Played: 41 Minutes Short Review Remember back when every game had a ninja in it? I do, and so do the people who made this game. It's $3 and, for a competent Shinobi clone like this, you can't go wrong.
I first saw the original Star Wars the week after I turned four years old. My dad took me, and I have only the vaguest, most foggy recollection of this event.
I am Bread, GTA V PC, Fractured Space, Westerado: Double Barreled, Hearthstone iPhone, Game Trailers, Your Emails and More! This week Shawn, Julian, Allen and Elysium talk game trailers, being bread and more!

The Pile

There are three types of game in my world: Games I play and trade in right after I decide to be done with them, Games that I keep until it's literally impossible to play them anymore, and Games I finish and keep for years until I decide to trade them in Well, okay. There are four kinds if you count games I never buy in the first place.
Once upon a time there was a child named Reemus. A long time ago, when people slept on mats because the beds used to bite, Reemus lived in wild Frontera. This was long before the wizard wars, so there wasn't yet a second dungeon in the land of Ziggurat. One day Reemus received a note from far-away Kavkas.
Sponsored By: Humble's Squeenix Bundle Sequel Time Played: 53 minutes Lara's Pants review Dual-stick shooting mix with platforming and puzzle-solving in this cooperative genre mash-up featuring everyone's favorite grave robber, Lara Croft. Lara's Hair review I want to make a confession: I've never played a Tomb Raider game.
Blind Status, Final Fantasy VI

Blind Eyes

For the longest time I thought open-world style games weren't for me. I never really enjoyed frolicking about such a large and directionless environment until Assassin's Creed.
Back when the world was young and Nutting Associates was still trying to figure out how to get people to give them quarters, a game was usually something competitive.