Affordable Space Adventures, Xenoblade Chronicles 3D, Don't Shoot Yourself, Hover: Revolt of Gamers

April 6 – April 12

Did someone get the license of that truck? It was filled with all the big budget, highly marketed releases of the season.
Time Played: 33 minutes Sponsored By: Lake23 Genesis Review A game that is pretending to be a bad port of a Bible game for the Sega Genesis isn't nearly as bad as it thinks it is. I don't know if that counts as more fail or less.
Bloodborne, Pillars of Eternity, Orbital Gear, Games That Make us Feel Foolish, Special Guest Jeff Green!, Your Emails and More! This week Shawn, Elysium and Julian are joined by Jeff Green to talk about games making us feel foolish.
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RevieWii-Uing the Situation

I haven't bought a new console since 2007. Back in mid-2007, I could see an ad announcing a $100 price drop for a PS3, blithely assume that it would be backwards compatible, run out and impulse-buy the dern thing that day – even in a non-pay week. Then I could gnash my teeth and wait for games to come out. Oh, "everybody knows" the consoles time their big releases for November?
Spring is in the air, and so is another inch of snow for those of us on the east coast of the United States. We don’t sweat it, though.
Sponsored By: Mantid (I GET IT!) Time Played: 89 Minutes Fruit Fly review Like L.A. Noire, but fun. Cockroach review
I've written a lot about how, as consumers, it's important to manage our expectations in order to avoid disappointment: You buy a game expecting it to have flaws, and you will yourself to have a good time with it. You'd be surprised how often that works. What about the other side of the coin, though? Expectations aren't formed in a vacuum.
Captain Forever Remix, Battlefield Hardline, Cities: Skylines Mods, Majora's Mask 3DS, Dean Tate on Indie Developin', Your Emails and More! This week Julian, Cory, Allen and Sean Sands are joined by Captain Forever Remix dev Dean Tate!
Super Mario Bros.

Onto World Two

When I was a child, at an age still in the single digits, I had a tendency to restart games from the beginning. I'd play the first world of Super Mario Bros. and then shut the game off. After defeating Bebop and Rocksteady in the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game, I would power down the Nintendo and go searching for something else to do.

March 23 – March 29

A solid-gold pedigree is hard to come by these days. With development teams numbering in the hundreds, it’s become nearly impossible to pin a game on one person (or even one studio) when it comes to the AAA set.