We've arrived at the ah-screw-it-let's-just-launch point of web design. Tonight we'll be migrating over to the new GWJ site design which means there will be a bit of downtime during the day as we make backups and again when we switch over. Will it be smooth? Maybe. Will there be a thousand things we decide to change after the fact? Probably.
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June 15 – June 21

Evidently my pick of the week is the Steam Summer Sale Meta-Game. I've never experienced the clicking of cows or cookies, so I am uncertain as to how those games managed to become addicting in their own right. What I know about this Meta-Game is that I'm not drawn to rapidly click on creatures, but am instead drawn to the promise of ever better equipment and ever bigger numbers.
Sponsored By: A doting father's desire to share video games with his kids Time Fished: 2 hours Smelt it review I have never been happier to pay six dollars for what could have been a free Flash game.
As I saunter into the event room – an array of some twenty red computers set up in three sections and fresh coffee and drinks on the refreshment table – I feel remarkably centered and in-the-moment, considering that I had been up thirty-eight hours straight the day(s) before.
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June 8 – June 14

This week marks the deepest part of the release-list trench as we approach E3's continental shelf, so prepare yourself for either unlauded gems or the desperation of a sinking writer trying to find any hint of light at depths that seek to crush us.
Time Spent: 47 minutes Sponsored By: Omni Larva review So this was PC gaming in 1998. Huh.
The Witcher 3, Pillars of Eternity, Ronin, Race The Sun, Twentys, NPC Relationships, Your Emails and More! This week Cory, Allen, Shawn and Julian talk about some of their favorite NPC relationships.