good doggos

April 29 – May 5

Welcome all, and happy “24th anniversary of Full Throttle” week! You may all celebrate by realising Mark Hamill was in that, too.

GWJ Conference Call Episode 654

Anno 1800, The Division 2, Imperator: Rome, Oxygen Not Included, Historical Landmarks in Games, Your Emails and More!
All Gaul is conquered?

April 22 – 28

Welcome all, and happy “12th Anniversary of the Asian and European release of Big Lebowksi Bowling” week! You may all celebrate by discussing which is the best video game based on a film, arguing that Dune 2 doesn’t count because Dune was a book, then conceding because yes, in fact, the game’s artwork is taken from the 1984 movie.

GWJ Plays: Imperator Rome

The Game King (Game Emperor?) plays the newest from Paradox!

GWJ Conference Call Episode 653

Baba is You, Celeste, Islanders, Operencia: The Stolen Sun, Table Top RPGs We’d Love to See Digital, Your Emails and More!

April 15 – 21

Welcome all, and happy “35th Anniversary of Duck Hunt” week! You may all celebrate by chortling mercilessly at the inaccuracies of others.

Triumvirate Episode 4

Welcome to Triumvirate, an episodic collaborative storytelling RPG made possible by our Patreon subscribers! Our players, a Commedia dell'arte troupe, arrive in Rome in the year 1520. As the Pope attempts to rebuild Rome as the jewel of the western world, the Cardinals crack down on blasphemy and executions grow in number and spectacle. Back to camp, back to reality.

GWJ Conference Call Episode 652

Sekiro, Baba is You, Final Fantasy VII Switch, Car Mechanic Simulator 2018, Risk of Rain 2, Just One More ... In The Franchise, Your Emails and More!
these aliens are really bugging me

April 8 – 14

Welcome all, and happy “29th anniversary of Twin Peaks” week! You may all celebrate by playing Deadly Premonition, or simply by having some damn fine coffee.

GWJ Conference Call Episode 651

Risk of Rain 2, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, Fallout 76, Outward, Dawn of Man, Guildmaster Story, Snakebird Primer, Baba is You, Tiny Bubbles, The Cynical Cash Grabs That Own Us, Your Emails and More!