Is my Pihole setup correct?

Hi everyone,

Currently I use uBlock Origin on google chrome. I have an old raspberry pi 2 sitting around and I decided to setup pihole as my "second layer of defence" against ads.

I setup pihole as my raspberry pi following this tutorial and I feel like i got it up and working but then started doing some tests.

I opened up adblock tester using chrome in-cognito mode and it's getting a score of only 68/100

Checking my own settings, my pihole ip is and my gaming PC seems to be using it as a DNS server correctly

I open up the pihole dashboard and it seems to be blocking some queries...

When I click on "List all queries" to see what is being blocked, I get an empty log which is strange...

Lastly, I've taken my laptop that doesn't go through pihole, set it beside my gaming PC (which does), and opened websites side-by-side to see if there is a difference in behaviour and as far as I can tell, there is none.

Is there something I'm missing here and my pihole isn't configured correctly, or do you guys think it's working and i'm just expecting too much of it?


Chrome does some tricky things with DNS.
Step one, test with Firefox to see if you get similar results. Then look at this:
Go into browser settings, tell it to stop using secure DNS and then clear cache before testing again.