Dungeons of Hinterberg

GWJ Conference Call 923

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Rich, Aaron, and Amanda talk recent games and demos played during the most recent Steam Nextfest.

Games: Destiny - The Final Shape, Dungeon Alchemist, Coyote & Crow's Wolves, FF7 Rebirth, Nine Sols. Demos: Entoria - The Last Song, B.C. Piezophile, Dungeons of Hinterberg, Tactical Breach Wizards

To contact us, email [email protected]! Send us your thoughts on the show, pressing issues you want to talk about, or whatever else is on your mind.

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00:02:00 Destiny 2
00:07:25 Dungeon Alchemist
00:15:40 Coyote & Crow's Wolves (tabletop)
00:20:44 Final Fantasy VII Rebirth
00:29:11 Nine Sols
00:30:36 Entoria - The Last Song
00:38:47 B.C. Piezophile
00:43:50 Dungeons of Hinterberg
00:51:25 Tactical Breach Wizards