Skald: Against the Black Priory

GWJ Conference Call 922

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Rich hops into an interview with game developer Anders Lauridsen, maker of Skald: Against the Black Priory.

Games: Dungeon Divers Demo, Capes, 1000xRESIST, Tiny Glade Demo, Nine Sols.

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00:01:35 Dungeon Divers
00:07:06 Capes
00:13:18 1000xResist
00:15:50 Tiny Glade
00:20:16 Nine Sols
00:25:08 Interview with Anders Lauridsen

After hearing this interview, I was intrigued by Skald: Against the Black Priory.

Then my son took over the PS5 to play Elden Ring DLC, making our PC available.

Then I heard TheHarpoMarxist on the DLC podcast talking about Skald again.

Now I've finally bought Skald and enjoyed the first few hours last night. I rolled up an Officer, and got to the bit where you meet the person with the mountain portrait that was referred to in the interview. I had no idea I would enjoy a modern "retro" RPG like this! I can't wait to play again after work.

YES. I am so glad folks are finding their way to this. It is truly a special game. I'm also eager to do a spoiler section on it lol.