Racing Games

GWJ Conference Call 920

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Daryl, Rich, and Amanda are joined by PinkStripes and Teddy Lowendick from the GWJ Racing Dorks to get into racing games.

Games: Wizardry: Proving Grounds of the Mad Overlord and Little Kitty, Big City.

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Show credits


Production by Jonathan Downin.


00:02:33 Wizardry: Proving Grounds of the Mad Overlord
00:10:50 Little Kitty, Big City
00:14:04 Racing Games

Talking about Scalextric - I had gotten a set for Christmas when I was eight or nine, but then the following summer around my birthday my Dad came home with four large cardboard boxes filled with track parts.

We made a fake Nurburgring that year and ran so many laps my bedroom smelled like there had been a large electrical fire.

One quick note on Little Kitty, Big City: I said I wasn't sure how far into the game I was after 3-ish hours and it turns out I was very close to the end of the story. That sad, it's a game with a bunch of side things to do so you can play it as a short experience or go spend hours trying to find every little book and cranny on the map.

Aside from that, I loved being part of the chat about racing games! I think we really gravitated towards simulators and the more serious side of racing games but there was so much we could have talked about like racing board games, open world racing games like Forza Horizon, car combat games, racing management games, how Rocket League used driving in a ball sport, and so on. But more importantly, you absolutely don't need to be as serious about it as Ted or myself to come play with us or come to our discord to chat about racing games!

Oh, and one last note on the EA WRC club: it is multiplatform (so you can be on consoles) and asynchronous (so you can do your run anytime you want within a deadline that is usually every two weeks) so give it a shot if you're interested. EA WRC is a very good game.