XDefiant - Call of Aldiwatch. Ubisoft's franchise-themed F2P shooter.

Get a guy that made CoD games, have him make a CoD competitor where the characters have abilities and ultras. It's not as polished as CoD in any way, but it's free and isn't as big on the HDD. It feels like an ALdi version of CoD, if that makes sense. As someone that deleted CoD as I couldn't afford the space on my Series X anymore, that's a selling point.

You can play a s FarCry rebel that heals people, or a Splinter Cell character that turns in invisible, a Ghost Recon guy with a shield etc. Console and PC.

Had a go on this over the weekend and Pound Shop is a very good description. As someone who enjoys the odd go on multiplayer COD but wont pay the release cost just for that I think this could have some legs for me.

I've put about eight hours in to it. It can very frustrating with the jumping snipers and bullets not registering, but there's something about it that's quite moreish.

Earlier I came second in Fortnite solo, adter having made a dumb decision to drinka health potion in the ifnal one-on-one. It was a bit of a sweaty moment with some self-recrimination afterwards.

none of that in Xdefiant. Hop in, wreck some fools, get wrecked by many more fools, leave. No stress.

Yeah I had a few goes myself tonight and got three wins mostly just using the riot sheild judiciously. I think this will work its way into my games rotation nicely.