Children of the Sun

GWJ Conference Call 915

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Rich and Amanda are joined by Allen Cook to discuss entering the era of good video game properties outside of games.

Games: Children of the Sun, Bears in Space, Slice & Dice, Balatro, Immortals of Aveum, Lightyear Frontier.

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00:01:20 Children of the Sun
00:09:23 Bears in Space
00:14:10 Slice & Dice
00:17:22 Balatro
00:25:33 Immortals of Aveum
00:28:24 Lightyear Frontier
00:32:20 Video Game Adaptations

I was way too close to The Last of Us to be able to properly evaluate the show but it was thrilling to experience the game’s story recreated for the mainstream by such talented directors and actors. Episode three was stunningly well done in all respects. I’m interested to see how they tackle Part 2.

As you were saying, the secret to comic and game stories being translated into film and television seems to be having creatives who are fans of the source material in the driving seat. I think that was the secret of the Marvel movies up to Endgame where they judiciously picked characters and storylines from the comics (often dating back many, many years) to inspire their story.

I’m not a big DC fan (Superman, Batman, etc) but I read some stories on the periphery and it was interesting to hear James Gunn laying out his plans for the new DC cinematic universe. Every proposed future movie or series was based on a DC series that, whilst often being a little obscure, I recognised as being a great story. It was obvious that Gunn reads of lot of comics and knows where the good stuff is.

I’m looking forward to Children of the Sun arriving on PS5 (fingers crossed.)

Yay! Pyroman[FO]!

I wouldn't mind seeing a TV adaptation of the Yakuza series - complete insanity layered over a serious storyline, culminating in a major action scene every once in a while. Seems like there is lots of potential there.

I could also see a movies set in the Mirror's Edge and Half-Life universes being worth watching. Not sure if they would be suited for an entire series though. They'd likely never make it to episode 3, in spite of never being officially canceled.

I haven’t played much of the Yakuza series but I watched the movie Sonatine (1993) recently and it had to have at least partially inspired the Yakuza series with it’s mix of violence, unhinged characters and silly antics. There are even mini games involved. It’s definitely worth watching. (There was another, similar movie Boiling Point which is a lot more mean spirited, that I wouldn’t recommend.)