FPV Drones

A few weeks ago my loving family gifted me a beginner FPV drone kit. I've been flying DJI camera drones as part of my job for a few years, but never took the dive to pick up my own. Well it turns out that the motor, camera, and battery technologies are finally at a point where tiny drones can be functional and relatively affordable.

It's been a humbling experience flying around without any assists or limiters. After spending some time with a simulator and very cautious flights around the yard I'm slowly gaining confidence. The kids have egged me on by playing tag with the drone. I'm not flying true FPV with the actual drone at the moment because at some point the camera module stopped working and the replacement hasn't arrived yet, but even line-of-sight this little sucker is fun to fly.

The simulator I'm using is Liftoff on Steam, and the drone kit is the BetaFPV Aquila16