Gigantic : Rampage Edition. A necromantic halo mobawatch?

I just bought a game called Gigantic : Rampage Edition. It's a hero shooter, like Overwatch, but it also feels a little bit like Halo in the pacing of the game and apparently its inspired by mobas. Think it's on PS5, PC and Xbox.

Apparently it came out in 2018 as F2P, was loved by a small community, but didn't grow and so it died. Now it's been resurrected for some reason as a budget title ($20) and is starting to pick up steam again.

In the basic game mode, you pick one of 25 characters and go around the map killing baddies and heding to 'king of the hill' style areas in order to capture energy.

If you get 100 energy, you get to attack the enemy boss. The first team to attack the enemy boss wins.

In the 'proper' game mode, I think it's similar but you can set up nodes that affect gameplay, maybe healing, hurting enemy players, locking off routes and so on.

In both game modes you have to manage a stamina bar, darting in and out of combat and making sure you have enough stamina to escape.

What's also interesting is that in the main mode you can skill-trees saved for your character, so your play style changes as the match goes on. For example, if you character has a grenade you might make it more damaging, or weaker, but with a larger area, or not be explosive at all, dropping a poison cloud instead.

I paid £13 on Xbox and I'm sure I'll get my money's worth. It's got a nice hectic, casual feel. The maps are bigger than overwatch, so you don't have the same feeling of being trapped on a road or bashing your head against an impenetrable defence. (There was a thread about, but I couldn't find it again.)

I played this game in its original version and I really enjoyed it. It's a shame that reviews don't look so positive... I'm not sure I would drop money on it right now but I would jump in if they did a free weekend to see if it's still worth it.