GWJ Action Game Club 24Q2: Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy

Thanks to everyone who participated in the 24Q2 voting session of the GWJ Action Game Club. A winner has been declared:

Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy

HowLongToBeat says this should take about 17.5 hours to beat, and upwards of 25.5 hours for a 100% completion.

IsThereAnyDeal has it currently on sale for $15 from GMG. You might have snagged this for free from Epic Game Store at some point, though. Looks like it's also part of one of the PSPlus tiers.



Obviously, I shall be guarding the galaxy with the rest of you.

Likewise. Already have it installed on Epic.

I'm in, and I'm getting it installed.

Im in! Amazingly, I already started playing it on PS5 before I saw this thread.


I played through this a few months ago and really enjoyed it. Enough to play it again? Probably not. It's pretty linear and the action gameplay itself is merely acceptable.

The true joy is in the plot, colorful varied environments, and especially the characters and dialogue. Almost the exact opposite experience from what we got with Severed Steel, which was all gameplay.

I'm a bit bummed that it didn't sell better. I thought the overall scope of the game was somewhat comparable to Jedi: Fallen Order and would have much rather gotten a GOTG sequel than Jedi: Survivor. Ah well.

I might load it up on my underused Steam Deck to see how it plays on it. I suppose there's a chance it will get its hooks in me.

Okay, I'm up and running. I had played Ch.1 earlier this year and took a hiatus, so it kind of took me up thorough Ch.3 to get my combat sea-legs back under me. Main thing to remember is always be using the companion abilities, and try to think about when to use them. They do a lot more damage in a burst than you do normally. I'm at the very start of Ch.4 now.

I don't have any particular rhyme or rhythm to how I respond to the dialogue options; I'm not really role playing anything. I've generally found myself siding with Rocket and against Drax so far, but that may or may not change. I do like the charm of the music and the dialogue so far.

And on that note, Google tells me that there are a total of



chapters in the game.

I'm in too. Been meaning to give this one a try since it was free on Epic.

Just went through the intro. Boy, that room is a whole heaping dose of childhood nostalgia!

EDIT: Never mind.

I meant to post in the strategy game club thread for Midnight Suns.

I've finished the first three chapters. The combat and level design are so far uninspired but fine. On the other hand, the visuals, soundtrack and especially the dialogue are all fantastic. I'm quite enjoying it, even if I might end up dropping the difficulty just to cruise through the story.

I'm deeper in now, just started Ch.8. I love the dogs at the start of Ch.7. Or just generally, the goofiness of the setting.

I also somehow made it to Ch.7 while forgetting that you can dash (on mouse and keyboard, it was a double tap on the direction). That would have made defense a lot easier before during combat. And also make getting around faster.

I’m also trying to get a feel for how much the dialogue actually changes things. I think I was under the impression that the dialogue could be very reactive based on what I say (and there is absolutely a lot of dialogue), but I'm not sure how much it's going to change things at the end of the day. Like, I had sided pretty heavily with Rocket for a while early on, but the story made him really mad at Starlord anyway for a bit. So I’m not sure what exactly is going to change via the dialogue choices at this point. Like, there is some good reactivity (like in Ch.7, the crew is commenting that I jumped down to save the girl way back in chapter 2), so maybe the actual results of actions show up later? Or it could just be like the Telltale games, I suppose. I do also note that I have a lot of dialogue gets cut off by cutscenes or by other conversations that pop up when you reach certain rooms, so I feel like I'm missing out on some of what is being said as well.

I also think I need to be nicer to Drax; despite that he has no chill, he also seems like the most level headed person here.

Just starting chapter 3, and really, really enjoying this! The dialog is just amazing, and the way the story is setting up is very promising.

I also won the bet vs Rocket,....


even though he's a dirty, rotten cheater.

I don't quite have a handle on combat, but I'm getting by. Probably just need to get more used to the controls and special powers of my teammates.

I’m up to Ch.12, and we have the band back together again, again. The thing I’ve noticed is how much Rocket is just an irritant. At first I liked his standoffish, contrarian ways and it sort of works in short bursts, but as a long term team member it’s clear how much that would grate on people eventually.

I also sort of liked Mantis and her parallel universe watching. It did give Rocket something fun to play off of (“to be fair, he drowns a lot in less water than this” “Yeah, see….wait, what?”)

The combat has never really gotten interesting. It’s just waiting for the bars to fill up for people to use there abilities. There can be some combinations (like Rocket pulling enemies together and then hitting them with an AOE), but usually it’s just shooting the adds first and holding the big guys still with Groot, and then just focus firing the big guys down after that. I thought it would get more interesting as the game went on as more stuff opened up, but it never really did.

I also finally dipped into this between last night and this morning - up to chapter 3 or 4, somewhere around there. Really liking the aesthetic and banter. I never read any of the GotG comics and watched only the first of the movies, but this seems really well done; really nails the comic book style.

I will say that I don't like the scanner mode - it bothers my eyes to use for too long. Thankfully the non-scanner mode is very colorful and vibrant to compensate for that.

Yeah, I’ve decided I’m not a fan of “scanner modes” in general because I tend to compulsively go through the game switching them on and off so I don’t miss something and it ruins the aesthetic. I was really bad at this in the Arkham games.

Yeah, exactly that. Arkham Asylum trained me to basically always use Detective Vision because I hate missing stuff.

I’m in Ch.14 now, so I’m getting close to the end (around 15 hours). I kind of feel like the middle chapters were dragging for me a bit. The beginning was fun since it just started getting with this group of misfits and letting them bounce off of each other at first. Then after that (maybe after Knowwhere), it felt like it slowed down a bit as they tried to get serious stakes and serious plot beats and serious character moments, but the fun felt like it was slipping a bit. I was actually just bored for a few hours (the combat being samey had something to do with it – the character banter really helps carry the game).

But Ch.13 is where that got solved. We got past lots of character moments, and now we had a clear mission where we had something to go do. And after a big death-defying scene, the team just started laughing off the whole thing. Suddenly, the weight felt lifted, the banter was happier again, there was even some singing songs together! The fun was back, both for the characters and the player. We also got to see some character development payoffs and growth as well. If you're on the fence at any point, just wait til you get to this one - it just feel like it gets better at this point.

Anyway, I think I can get the game done this week.

Starting chapter 5. Combat is becoming a bit more complex and more fun.

Is it just me, or does Lady HB remind anyone else of Kassandra (in appearance) from AC: Odyssey?

Also, Quill reminds me of my brother-in-law; in appearance as well as mannerisms. It's bizarre.

And DONE at 21 hours. I think I still stick with my prior assessment – the game has a strong beginning and strong end, with kind of a weak middle as they set things up.

The final fights were annoying mechanically, but great tonally and musically (as if you’d expect anything else).

Spoilers for thoughts on the final few fights


The fight against Raker just being a giant damage sponge was not fun at all, and the fight against waves of enemies as the final boss wasn’t great, but at least all the AOE skills (and a well placed huddle) made it all doable. But on the other hand, IT’S THE FINAL COUNTDOWN was the perfect choice.

Congratulations, Sundown! Nicely done.

I think I'm just starting to get into the "weak middle" you mentioned, but still enjoying my time with it. The gameplay itself is not, shall we say, "great", but the characters, setting, and setpieces have been more than making up for it.

Starting chapter 9 (14.5 hours in), and haven't found the "down" middle section yet. Still fully into it. The combat became much more challenging in the past chapter or two, and there have been a few fights I have failed multiple times.

Liking the story very much, and did not forsee some of the developments at all.


The karaoke section with Lipless (how does he sing so well with no lips??) was....something I will never forget.

And I'm done. The combat never became particularly interesting, but it never got too difficult either. On the other hand the writing was great the whole way through. Plenty of laugh out loud moments in every play session ("Dog report item!"), and that made it well worth playing. I would pick up a sequel without hesitation.

I happened to watch the third Guardians of the Galaxy movie the other day and the game compared quite favourably. The movie was fine, but definitely not as funny and quite unevenly paced.

Congrats Jontra! I've leveled you up in the main thread to join Sundown as our second Level 2 member.

I'm in chapter 10, still chipping away at it. I will admit that playing the game has made me consider watching the second and third movies; they're a goofy cadre of gardeners, but play well off each other.

Just starting chapter 12. Still having a great time. The "jockey" in the previous chapters was just hilarious. Loving how imaginative all the various locales are, and am always looking forward to where we're going next.

I've now fully upgraded the guns, but am still collecting parts - perhaps a few more upgrades appear later?

The game is pretty buggy for me, but nothing gamebreaking yet. The worst has been getting stuck in spots, but I've always managed to eventually get out. Most of the rest of the bugs are of a graphical nature, or npcs just not being where they should be (I've talked to a blank spot on a couch at least once, while the npc stood on the other side of the room).

And then....there is this:

Who the hell are you and where did you come from?
How did you get in (we're flying through space at high speeds!), and why are you here?
Why are you standing like a statue in the passage to the bridge?
Why are you a mute?
....and why did you vanish into thin air again after the next cut scene?

Starting chapter 15. All my friends came to party and credits should roll soon.

This game is SO. METAL!

....except when I'm stuck on geometry and have to reload.

Also, the guy in the screenshot I posted is Jack Flag. We met earlier in the game, and him appearing on the Milano is apparently an extremely common bug.

I didn't know we had an action club.

Beat this back when it went on sale for $20-30 the first time and it was fantastic fun. Have fun y'all. I'll have to check out next quarter.

Finished shortly after my last post and meant to do a bigger writeup, but never got around to it, so....

Let's just keep it short and sweet:
If I were to not play another game this year, Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy would be my game of the year by a light year!
Except for the bugs, there is very little I didn't love, so thanks to Sundown for nominating it (which, I just realized I also said regarding Severed Steel), and to everyone who voted for it.

It's also possibly the funniest game I've ever played.

Congrats AUs_TBirD, you've been leveled up in the main thread!