Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor

GWJ Conference Call 910

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Rich, Daryl, and Amanda get into when different mediums intersect with games.

Games: Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor, Unicorn Overlord, Daggerheart TTRPG, Sifu.

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00:02:11 Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor
00:08:14 Unicorn Overlord
00:22:03 Daggerheart (tabletop)
00:40:19 Sifu
00:54:30 When Different Mediums Intersect with Games

I love when the panel talks about games in the broader context of art generally! Really thought-provoking stuff.

Even just with the example of The Warriors, the inter-media layers go deeper -- the movie was based on a 1965 book, which was itself based on Anabasis, the classic ancient Greek account of a band of Greek mercenaries trying to get out of Persia (Hence why the "Can you dig it" guy is called Cyrus).

So really, video game level design principles go all the way back to 400 BC

As for games that had music I’d download — apart from OSTs — the first that springs to mind is Brutal Legend, which deepened my knowledge of metal and introduced me to Budgie \m/

I had never heard of DRG: Survivor so thank you for talking about it. Looks great and I just purchased. I am really enjoying the trend of auto-shooters coming out, taking the success of Vampire Survivors and running with it for different experiences. I think there is a lot of room for growth in the genre.