Work/gaming laptop

The laptop I use for my union stuff is dying, and I need to buy myself a new one.

If I were to buy a new laptop for union stuff, and I also happened to want to buy a laptop for gaming when I travel for union stuff, which of the "gaming" laptops from CostCo Canada would you buy?

Any laptop question usually comes down to budget and screen size preference. When I filter to the brands I would look at and then filter to the ones with a 4060 or 4070 video card, there are 9 models left ranging from $1,400 to $2,500. Of those 9, there are two HP Omens that I would default to since I have had an earlier model Omen for 2-3 years now and it has been good. If no red flags in the Notebookcheck review, that is what I would go with.


I am kinda rethinking it as I read the reviews. They all say the fans are pretty loud, and given I will be using it in meetings with other people, I don't want the fans so loud as to bother the people around me.

Edit to add - The reviews only mention how loud the laptops are when gaming. I wonder how loud they are when not gaming?

How loud is your Omen when it is just using Zoom and something like Google Docs?

It is pretty quiet but never silent like some business models are. Like fine for general use but if you are in a quiet meeting room you will be able to hear the quiet whoosh. I had a couple of Dell G series before the Omen and they were quieter but I don't know how they are these days.

On notebookcheck they usually include idle decibels in their reviews.