Final Fantasy 7: Rebirth - Catch All


I couldn't find a dedicated threat for this and it seems like we should have one.

Demo is up on the Playstation store.


I had a good time with teh 1st part of the remake.... this seems promising

I played the demo last night and I was kind of shocked at how much better it looked that the first part. I would say it was the best looking game I have seen on the PS5.

For those of you who remember what happens after the "forgotten capitol"? The trailer says Rebirth will follow the them from leavening Midgard to arriving at the forgotten capitol. I have no recollection what story happens after the forgotten capitol. I don't think there was much but they are adding stuff like crazy so it could be about anything but in the original I don't remember much.

According to this FF7 disc 1 high-level walkthrough list, looks like Rebirth will end a bit before the end of the original disc 1.

So the next installment (part 3) will conclude the story?
Seems rushed or am i missing something?

And damn!!! Game looks that good huh¿?

It looks incredible but really hope they finish up the story with 3. I mean there is just too many games in the world to keep this going.

Part 1 - 2020 release
Part 2 - 2024 release
Part 3 - 2028 ?
If the drag it out
Part 4 - 2032.

Even eight years to tell this story is too long dragging it to 12 would be stupid.

They have said this will be a trilogy, so while things can always change, at least there's a specific plan in place.

Disc 1 of the original was front loaded with a lot story compared to the other two discs, so maybe it won't feel as rushed in part 3. On the other hand, maybe the end of Rebirth will propel the story in a completely different direction, in which case it's a moot point.

Just hope they aren't Valve and can count to three.

Oh man I hope that piano mini-game is completely optional. I was terrible. Just couldn't do it at all.

Tried the demo and my immediate first thought was, Baldur's Gate 3 has spoiled me.

I know it's apples to oranges on every level but....


The dialogue is so weak & a bit cringe worthy at times, that was only after playing 10 mins of the demo. I need to finish the demo later but my big hope for the full game is that it doesn't have the padding of FF7 Remake or the atrocious side quests.

Yeah I don't like your chances Spikeout My main impression of the demo was that it's more of everything from Remake, for better and worse. Also they are really leaning into the DualSense haptics this time, which scares me thinking about what mini games they have cooked up for us.

Your probably right but I'll have to work through it regardless as I need to see where the overall story starts to deviate from the original. I also really want to see how those classic locations like the Golden Saucer - that is so burned into my memory back in 1997 when I was 13 years old - are reimagined.

I played a bit more of the demo


I'm at the point now where I'm getting back to the reactor with Tifa & Sephiroth after the wooden bridge collapsed & we all fell into the river below. Losing one of the other soldier guards in the process

I still like the combat quite a lot & the graphics are a decent upgrade from Remake. They've really made the terrain vaulting, climbing a lot more fleshed out even if it is a bit finicky.

A lot of people are saying the graphics are a step up, but I'm not really seeing it? Maybe because I just played the Integrade version of Remake on PS5, it looks about the same to me. Which is absolutely fine, like you say it's all about those locations and the atmosphere.

I do like the expanded combat options in the demo and the new materia they've shown so far. I get the feeling this game is going to be super long so I'm hoping there's more to come. Likewise with the traversal, the demo areas were pretty confined which made terrain hopping feel a bit pointless, but hopefully it opens up later on.

Purchased. I even bundled it with Intergrade so I finally get to play that.

Just finished up the demo. Two thoughts.

One there's a point at which slow motion glorification of slaughter becomes twistedly pornographic. When sephiroth of was killing people at the end and we work slowly crawling towards them. Unable to do anything to help. It was just f****** sick. It was torture p****

Two the controls that make it harder button, presses, etc. Really don't add anything to the game

Oh and three forced slow emotion over and over and over again is extremely tiring and frustrating
Look, here's another section where cloud can't walk very quickly look. Here's another section where you have to scooch slowly forward inch by inch while pushing buttons to me. It doesn't add to the immersion at all

The demo left me underwhelmed to be honest. I think I'll wait for a price drop before getting Rebirth. There are some utterly stupid bits to that demo, one being what Farley said - Cloud hobbling along injured at snail pace for far too long - then the Sephiroth


slaughter scene when you are crawling along the ground holding R2 & L2 to try to get over towards the Mayor + the two men. They are all holding guns & even when Sephiroth cuts one down, the other two don't shoot. Then the second man goes down to Sephiroth's blade & still the Major just stands there not firing a single shot at him.

The stupidity in that scene alone has me wondering what other stuff they are gonna mess up in the full game.

After finishing the Yuffie DLC yesterday, I've now started up the demo. I was appreciative of the "Story So Far" scene and the framing of the demo is fun. Movement is quite a step up from the last game. An hour in, and I am eagerly anticipating next week's release.

Reviews are in. This is currently sitting at a 93 on MetaCritic with 114 reviews, which is tied for the highest score a Final Fantasy game has ever received

How am I supposed to juggle all these amazing JRPGs coming out back to back? Unicorn Overlord is out in just a few weeks as well.


Final Fantasy VII Rebirth - Easy Allies Review

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth - Review "Buy, Wait for Sale, Never Touch?"

I just read Push Square's review which was an 8/10, the main dings against Rebirth were excessive padding & I quote "some truly crap side quests". That really killed Remake for me so I'll definitely be waiting for a sale.

Apparently there are even Ubisoft style towers, I'm not sure if they reveal parts of the map or what but the review mentioned it.

If the metacritic is at 93 most reviewers mustn't seem to be too bothered about these things. Right that's enough of my moaning, looking forward on the initial impressions from everyone on here.

Spikeout wrote:

If the metacritic is at 93 most reviewers mustn't seem to be too bothered about these things. Right that's enough of my moaning, looking forward on the initial impressions from everyone on here.

Spikeout, there are a few posters around here that I associate primarily with coming into threads just to complain about things. You are not one of them. It's ok if you don't like this game or post criticism from time to time

Thanks Dyni. FF7 is one of my favourite games of all time, it bums me out that I was a bit disappointed in Remake & didn't really connect with the Rebirth demo too much. Like you say though I do try to keep the criticism to a certain level where it doesn't feel like I'm unnecessarily bashing the game.

Sanity check. Is it just me or does the demo seem to be challenged with bloom/hdr in dark scenes? Seems overly dark in transitions from light to dark areas.

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I've been playing Final Fantasy Crisis Core Reunion as I await release of Rebirth. I have no experience with this game. Some observations:

This does feel like a PSP game, but the graphics are nice enough, and the combat is fun enough.

This game is very silly. In fact, I am reminded less of Final Fantasy, and more of Kingdom Hearts.

Three hundred side missions!

I'm not worried about finishing the game this week, but it is tiding me over.

Hyped for this game. Taking a long weekend to play some of it.

I really want to enjoy this one
But I will most likely wait once i finish the following

Dragon's Dogma Dark Arisen
Final Fantasy 16
14's intermission
a bit of my back log

FYI- if you’ve played the demo you’re given the option to skip a lot of that and the cut scenes in the full game. Just make sure you don’t skip the cut scene after you crawl at the end. There’s a lot they added to it and the scenes right after that will make a heck of a lot more sense.