Helldivers 2 Catch-All

I did a search, and was shocked that I couldn't find a Helldivers 2 thread. It's coming out Feb 8th, and I need a dependable squad to bring freedom to all worlds. Who's in?

Already pre-ordered!

I'll be there

It's looking like everything I wanted in a sequel. Can't wait for next week.

Preordered and pre-installed on PS5! I'm ready to join the crew/squad/whatever its called in this game.

PSN: ksmooches (just let me know you are from GWJ when you request and I'll add you)

I am so in.

I'm definitely in.

My friends and I only just started the first one a month ago, so no launch purchase for me, but I'm definitely planning to pick it up this year. We've been enjoying the first much more than expected.

I caved. I know I have some of you on my PS friend's list from Destiny 2. If any of you see me online and playing, please shoot me an invite or jump in!

Apparently the Preorders are exceptionally high. I’m tempted.

so... jump on the GWJ discord for the Steam folks tomorrow?

This is much harder than I expected. At least playing solo the first time. Reload system is going to hurt some folks early on. You toss the entire clip, so don't be reload happy.

I live on the GWJ Discord too so if anyone wants to start a room or whatever, just @me and i'll try to join up

There's also a friend code that you can generate and I'm assuming that's for crossplay friends. I haven't tried it yet so I'm not sure how well that works

Probably not going to make it on tonight, but should be on Friday for a bit at least

This looks very cool. Might have to take the plunge.

it's been a while since I've had to create a room in the GWJ discord. How does that work nowadays?

Btw, friend code:

Dakhath wrote:

Btw, friend code:

That code changes every time you go to get one. I think it's just a quick use for when you want to add a friend? With that said, I was able to send you one just now. Every time I hit "Hide" and generate a code, a new one pops up.

I'll add my current one for anyone who hops on tonight: 3486-8922

Looks like matchmaking is currently broken btw

So is the game fun? I never played the first one.

Hockosi wrote:

So is the game fun? I never played the first one.

So far, I think it's pretty good. The main difference between the first one and this one (I realize this is less useful to you, not having played the first one), is that the perspective is different; it's now a 3rd person shooter instead of a nearly top-down twin-stick shooter. It's a lot easier to avoid shooting teammates, and a lot easier for enemies to sneak up behind you. I feel like they slightly toned-down the humor, and did some work putting it in harder to find places. It's the same people behind Magicka, so they have zero qualms about mocking game or genre conventions, and revelling in the violence of exploding yourself or your teammate(s) with a stray grenade. It's presented a lot more... not serious, but maybe... gritty? than I was expecting; not in a bad way. The tutorial mission does put the funny stuff front and center, it just feels more 'hard-core' being closer in appearance to other shooter games. I'm not sure I really like the battlepass-type system they have, but I'm like 3 levels in, so I can't give a fair evaluation of that yet.

It has a solid balance of more difficult and slightly easier due to the switch to 3rd person. As Atras said, easier to avoid shooting teammates, and easier for enemies to sneak you. I'd also toss in that it's easier to shoot at things and target weak spots (also it allows for longer ranged weapons).

I tried finishing our 2-part medium difficulty mission and got slaughtered. A new enemy type appeared in large quantity and I was not ready for that plus the rest of their friends (even said killed by unknown when it got me). I can't say if the game scales or not based on amount of people, but It's definitely going to be tough to go in alone due to the vast amount of enemies that could spawn and attack at any moment and reloading is tough due to having to run through your clip and possibly be out when you need it vs reloading early and tossing your clip, which loses the ammo that's in there.

Running the objectives with friends is fun, there are some that are 10x better with teamwork since someone has to monitor the screen while someone else has to angle a radar or something. Also just to split the focus of enemies. I hope matchmaking gets fixed because this is not going to be a game where you can play solo and run at the higher difficulties - unless there are crazy strong weapons that unlock later that I'm just not seeing.

As far as the seasonal unlock/battlepass system...it holds weapons and armor upgrades along with a ton of cosmetics. Currently, I don't see a date on it, so this might just be the upgrade system for the entire game. I see some neat stuff further down the line like armor with special traits - one of them reduces recoil while crouched and reduces explosive resistance. Another has a passive that allows your map markers to do radar scans every 2 seconds and reduces detection radius. All of these are upgraded via medals that are only obtainable in-game during missions and for completing orders. There is a premium set that costs $10 for 1000 of the premium credits -> and its not one of those systems where the pass is 1000, but you can only buy 800 or 1500. It has significantly less to purchase and all of the items cost more medals. Now, this premium set does have its own weapons and armor. The weapons are not generally stronger, but they have added affects, one has incendiary and one has explosive damage. I've died and had people pick up my weapon and they weren't like, "omg that gun is so much better". Also, the 3 armors all have the same passive of allowing you to throw farther and limbs are less likely to get injured. Some folks will call this pay to win, I think it is yet to be determined because nothing on this track seems that much stronger or stronger at all than some of the stuff on the standard acquisition board.

My biggest gripe, outside of being too hard for solo to go far, is most of the cosmetics are black and yellow and as of right now, I don't see a way to change the colors. I'm assuming that this becomes an option later, either via account levels or a patch. It just doesn't make sense to have like 20 armors of different styles, but almost all the same color scheme but...maybe that's what they are going with. I should also add that you can find the premium credits on the map. It's low amounts (at least on the Trivial and Easy difficulties), but at least there is a way to come across it w/o spending more money.

That was fun. Thanks for letting me play some matches with you mooches. Sent out some friend requests.

I'm loving it. We should get a channel in Discord to make it easier to connect.

Is this a highly kinetic shooter? Or is there room for older reflexes - sniping, concealment, etc? Sounds like the former...

Robear wrote:

Is this a highly kinetic shooter? Or is there room for older reflexes - sniping, concealment, etc? Sounds like the former...

I'm 49 and I can handle it. I would not call it kinetic, tactics are required.

Picked it up on Steam (although it was hard to not use this to justify purchasing a PS5). Installing it now. Should be done in about 2 hours.

Steam isn't seeing my XBox controller.

Trying to figure it out, because I am not doing well with M&K.

Edit - When they suggest using a USB-C to USB-C cable, they actually mean it.

Edit 2 - So, so much better with the controller.

This is a good impressions video.

Thanks all!

I do appreciate that after all this time, this game still provided the classic "Laarrs joins, and immediately gets mulched by me being explosives happy".

And also that Helldivers 2 keeps in the strong Arrowhead tradition of "This is really good at killing things. Unfortunately, players are also things."

since discord GWJ voice-create command doesn't work anymore, I'll just join the Wildcard channel

This thing looks so sick... I'm looking forward to picking it up next month.

It's giving me Mass Effect co-op multiplayer vibes. Not so much in the details, but in the flow of the game and the tactical variety. And that was my favorite multiplayer ever.